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    <allpages apcontinue="Cyber_Security_of_Social_Robots_and_the_Internet_of_Things" />
      <p pageid="788" ns="0" title="CTDPathSim: Cell line-tumor deconvoluted pathway-based similarity in the context of precision medicine in cancer" />
      <p pageid="831" ns="0" title="Capturing nutritional value at the point of consumption using accessible and inexpensive technologies" />
      <p pageid="3" ns="0" title="Characteristics of the (i,j)-Step Competition Graphs of Real Food Webs" />
      <p pageid="7" ns="0" title="Cloud-Enabled Xinu Operating System" />
      <p pageid="547" ns="0" title="Comparing Two Models of HMPAO Uptake in the Lungs: Is a Compartmental Model Sufficient to Reliably Estimate Key Physiological Parameters" />
      <p pageid="768" ns="0" title="Completing Multicore, Embedded XINU" />
      <p pageid="663" ns="0" title="Complex Activity Recognition" />
      <p pageid="823" ns="0" title="Creating Adversarial Examples for Machine Learning Models in Healthcare" />
      <p pageid="552" ns="0" title="CubeSAT" />
      <p pageid="576" ns="0" title="Cyber Security Vulnerabilities in Avionics Networking" />