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'''Student Researcher:''' [[User:Cmorley|Charlie Morley]].
'''Student Researcher:''' [[User:Cmorley|Charlie Morley]].
'''Mentors:''' [[http://www.marquette.edu/mscs/facstaff-staff.shtml Steve Goodman]] and [[http://www.mscs.mu.edu/~brylow/ Dr. Dennis Brylow]].
'''Mentors:''' [http://www.marquette.edu/mscs/facstaff-staff.shtml Steve Goodman] and [http://www.mscs.mu.edu/~brylow/ Dr. Dennis Brylow].

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Student Researcher: Charlie Morley.

Mentors: Steve Goodman and Dr. Dennis Brylow.


Week 1 (5/30-6/3)

  • Become acquainted with REU and the program requirements
  • Gain a basic familiarization with Marquette's own system administration facilities and features
  • Read a few texts to understand the academic perspective on systems administration

Week 2 (6/6-6/10)

  • Gain a deep understanding of Marquette's own system administration facilities and features, particularly the software and scripts involved
  • Meet with mentors to develop a detailed project definition and milestones