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Gina Hong

personal information

  • Undergraduate student at Marquette University
  • Major in Mathematics
  • Minor in Business Administration
  • Expected to graduate in May 2017

Weekly Log

Week 1

  • MSCS REU orientation
  • Attended lab and library information session
  • Meeting with mentor to discuss about the project
  • Reading about PARC and Near West side

Week 2

  • Attending PARC Meeting
  • Completed Human subjects training
  • Went to Center for peacemaking Data team meeting
  • Research on Zombie properties
  • REU Talk by Dr.Brylow: Good research presentations and technical writing

Week 3

  • Attended weekly PARC Meeting
  • Listened to Responsible Conduct of Research Training
  • Cleaned DNS data (service request data) for 2013&2014 by complaint types
  • Introduction to LaTeX by Dr.Corliss

Week 4

  • Made a map of preliminary DNS violations in the Near West Side
  • Compared preliminary DNS violations map to a tax delinquency map
  • Attended PARC Meeting
  • Picked out some possible zombie propreties
  • Emailed Milwaukee Water Works about water bill delinquency database and County of Milwaukee for properties that have gone up for auction
  • Met with Dr.Krenz to talk about updates and research talk

Week 5

  • Meeting with PARC team at the center for peacemaking
  • Worked on Powerpoint slides and talk for Thursday
  • Met with Dr.Krenz to practice mini presentation
  • Presentation on my project
  • Looked at foreclosure data from the Sheriff's office

Week 6

  • Fourth of July Holiday
  • Emailed Sheriff's office for foreclosure data
  • Emailed Milwaukee Waterworks for unpaid water bills
  • Talked about graduate school at the Weekly REU meeting
  • Watched tutorial video for Tableau

Week 7

  • Attended weekly PARC meeting
  • Emailed Sheriff's open record office for property auction data
  • REU talk by Dr.Factor about poster session
  • Created graphs of price of properties sold in Near West Side from 2010 to 2016
  • Made a map of housing prices with candidates of zombie properties

Week 8

  • Went to PARC meeting with Dr.Krenz