Improving Embedded XINU Support for Multicore Architecture

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Project Description

In 2017 work began to port XINU to the Raspberry Pi 3B+. Since then, XINU is currently used on the Raspberry Pi 3B+ to teach Operating Systems at Marquette University. With the current implementation of XINU on the Raspberry Pi 3B+, some features are lacking multicore support. Similarly, other areas where multicore support is currently implemented could be improved. This summer, we hope to improve multicore support in existing areas of XINU as well as add multicore support in currently unsupported areas.


Week 3:

  • Research, implement, and improve synchronization primitives in XINU
  • Identify multicore areas of XINU that can be improved

Week 5:

  • Improve upon existing areas which already support multicore architecture

Week 7:

  • Research non-blocking concurrent data structures