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'''Student Researcher:''' [[http://reu.mscs.mu.edu/index.php/User:Sarah.Minucci Sarah Minucci]]
'''Student Researcher:''' [http://reu.mscs.mu.edu/index.php/User:Sarah.Minucci Sarah Minucci] <br>
'''Faculty Mentor:''' [[http://www.mscs.mu.edu/~stevem/ Dr. Stephen Merrill]]
'''Faculty Mentor:''' [http://www.mscs.mu.edu/~stevem/ Dr. Stephen Merrill]

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Student Researcher: Sarah Minucci
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Stephen Merrill


The goal of this project is to create a mathematical model of the effects of leptin on a specific part or function of the body (TBD).


Leptin, a hormone produced by fat and fatty tissue in the body, is pleiotropic in nature and has overall pro-inflammatory effects. This provides a link between nutritional intake and the immune system. We wish to quantify some aspect of leptin's effects in the body through mathematical modeling.