Mobile Applications for hrvMarquette: Heart Rate Variability Estimation

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Student: Eric Burkholder
Mentor: Dr. Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed

Project Description:

Heart rate and heart rate variability are very useful parameters in order to gauge health conditions including stress level, fatigue, and emotional state. Researchers at Marquette University in the past have developed an algorithm to use human face videos to estimate the heart rate and heart rate variability using face and skin coloration.

Project Goal:

Throughout the project duration, we will be developing an Android and an iOS application in order to deploy this algorithm in a more convenient way. The apps, when completed, should record a short video, encode the video, and then communicate with the Marquette server in order provide the appropriate estimations.

[Edit] As the summer progressed, it became clear that the original project goal to complete two applications was too substantial. Milestones and goals were updated accordingly to match what was completed.

Tentative Schedule of Milestones and Goals:

Week Description
Week 1: Orientation
  • Meet with project leaders, mentor, and other students
  • Attend Data Science Boot Camp
  • Set milestones and goals for the project duration
  • Read project history and current paper
  • Search for IDE in which to develop Android applications
Week 2: Familiarity
  • Take short course over Responsible Research Conduct
  • Learn how to use Android IDE for basic applications
  • Read project literature regarding the continuous wave function, amplitude-selective filtering, band-pass filtering, blind source separation, skin-tone method, and remote photo plethysmography
  • Continue reading project literature
Week 3: Android Recording
  • Begin Android application development
  • Record videos using Android application
Week 4: Android Specifications
  • Add additional video parameters as received
  • Meet with current/previous researchers to discuss more app specifications
  • Working on midway presentation
Week 5: Presentation and Contact
  • Give midway presentation
  • Contact researchers regarding API connection
Week 6: Designing finished Android product
  • Meet with researchers to discuss encoding and server communication options
  • Touching up Android application
Week 7: REST Client
  • Setting up REST Client for API
  • Continued introspection into encoding options
Week 8: REST Client continued
  • Begin preparing research poster
  • Setting up post call for REST API
Week 9: Research Poster Completion
  • Completion of poster presentation
  • Begin writing research paper
  • Debugging post call
Week 10: Project Completion
  • Present at poster session
  • Prepare and give oral presentation
  • Submit completed work and logs