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  1. Machine Learning Models for Multi Robot Secure Coordination in a Healthcare Facility
  2. Mathematical Argumentation in K-8
  3. Measuring the Effectiveness of Programs to Expand Computer Science Education in the State of Wisconsin
  4. Michal
  5. Minimizing Total Distance in Sudoku Number Entry
  6. Mjbaker4
  7. Modeling the Progress and Efficacy of Wisconsin CS Education
  8. Modeling the Progress and Efficacy of Wisconsin CS Education and an ML Approach to Static Code Analysis
  9. Modeling the Spread of K-12 Computer Science in Wisconsin
  10. Multicore Embedded Operating System Components for Education
  11. Nathan Sponberg
  12. Networking in Electronic Financial Markets
  13. Parent and child physical activity and sleep in determining overweight and obese children’s behaviors
  14. Personalizing Places of Interest Using Social Media Analysis
  15. Phuc Nguyen
  16. Predict Risk of Opioid Use Disorder
  17. Predicting Risk of Opioid Use Disorder
  18. Preventing Postpartum Mental Health Problems
  19. Prototyping SGX-MR: efficient access-pattern
  20. Prototyping SGX-MR: efficient access-pattern protection for SGX-based confidential data-intensive applications
  21. Quinci Henry
  22. REUCarissaBabcockPaper.pdf
  23. REUCarissaBabcockPoster.pdf
  24. REUCarissaBabcockPresentation.pdf
  25. REU Calendar
  26. Refining Concurrency in XINU Operating System for Inter-Core Communication and Non-Blocking Data Structures
  27. Reverse Engineering Gene Regulatory Networks by Integrating Multiple Types of High-Dimensional Biological Datasets
  28. Risk Modeling for Pyroclastic Volcano Flows
  29. SGX-MR: Regulating Dataflows for Protecting Access Patterns of Data-Intensive SGX Applications
  30. SimSYS REU2015
  31. Statistical Analysis of PARC Near West Side
  32. Statistical Analysis of PARC Near West Side: Identifying Zombie Properties
  33. Stock Market prediction through social media analysis
  34. Stock Prediction using Social Media Analysis
  35. Studying Crisis Events on Social Media for non-WEIRD people
  36. Sudoku Distances
  37. Summarizing DNA Methylation Data at the Gene Level
  38. Text Mining in Keyword Extraction
  39. Text Mining in Keywords Extraction
  40. Textming
  41. The Zuckerberg Files: Analyzing the Discourse of Mark Zuckerberg
  42. Theresa Chen
  43. Understanding Unanticipated, Social Consequences of Popular Algorithms
  44. Using Bayesian Networks in Adaptive Online Skill Training
  45. Utilizing Graph-Cuts in Image Segmentation to Isolate the Heart within CT Scans
  46. Wisconsin Computer Science K-12 Education Landscape Report
  47. Working with Center for peacemaking and Data Analysis

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