Statistical Analysis of PARC Near West Side

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  • Promoting Assets, Reducing Crime
  • Non-profit organization
  • Funded by Aurora Health Care, Harley-Davidson, Marquette University, MillerCoors and Potawatomi Business Development Corporation.
  • Engagement with neighborhood including residents, employers, employees, students, and visitors

Identifying Zombie Properties

Goal: Set up a model to identify zombie properties in Near West Side. Link indicators of zombie properties to point out possible addresses of zombie properties. Quantify possible effects on the neighborhood in the future.

Definition of Zombie Properties

  • When lender proceeds foreclosure with a notice of it to the homeowner, so the homeowner moves out from the property
  • Unexpected dismiss of foreclosure -> lender is not required to notice the homeowner that foreclosure hasn’t been finished
  • The owner thinks that he/she does not own the property since foreclosure has begun, but actually the property still belongs to the owner with unfinished foreclosure
  • Most of the time, this is more common in low-income areas where the lender does not care about responsibility of the property and just wants to save costs that are related on keeping the property

Things that happens to Homeowners

  • Still has legal obligations to pay debts and expenses of properties
  • The tax collector may come looking to collect back property taxes
  • An HOA may file a lawsuit to recover unpaid assessments
  • Could be threatened with fines for not complying with housing codes and ordinances (could lead to jail time in some instances if he/she doesn’t meet repair deadlines)
  • The local government may send he/she a bill for yard maintenance, repairs, trash removal, and/or graffiti scrubbing
  • Credit score will get lower from unpaid bills along with foreclosure procedure

Things that happens to Neighborhood

  • Drags down the value of the entire neighborhood when there are properties are vacant and show obvious signs of neglect
    • No maintenance taken care of
    • Lawns are not mowed
    • Not shoveled sidewalks when it snows
    • Broken window
    • Thieves stealing the piping, wiring, sometimes even appliances in the property
    • Squatters may occupy the dwelling
  • These unattended zombie properties are also susceptible to vandalism, squatters, and crime

Preventing Zombie foreclosure

  • Stay at your home as long as possible even when there is foreclosure notice
  • Confirm whether the title has been transferred or not
    • Go to the county recorder's office in which the property is located to make sure a new deed has been recorded
    • Check your local county recorder’s website