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Poster-2009-Robertson-snapshot.png Co-registration of Image Data Sets

Student Researcher: Joe Robertson
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Anne Clough

Poster-2009-WeisseVanEyck-snapshot.png Ergodic Theory for Lagrangian Assimilation

Student Researchers: Jack Weisse and Gabriel Van Eyck
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sherry Scott

Poster-2009-Garms-snapshot.png Developing Access Control Policies for Mobile Devices

Student Researcher: Kyle Garms
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Praveen Madiraju

Poster-2009-Mallen-snapshot.png IDA2 - Intelligent Discovery of Acronyms and Abbreviations

Student Researcher: Adam Mallen
Faculty Mentors: Dr. Craig Struble and Dr. Lenwood Heath

Poster-2009-OBrien-snapshot.png Location Based Services

Student Researcher: Casey O'Brien
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed

Poster-2009-Pelzel-snapshot.png Evaluating Habits of Mind

Student Researcher: Kristin Pelzel
Faculty Mentors: Dr. Marta Magiera and Dr. Jack Moyer

Poster-2009-HeatonMohrStPeter-snapshot.png Foot and Mouth Disease: Analysis for Establishing Testing Sites at Wisconsin Dairy Farms

Student Researchers: Anna Mohr, Alex Heaton, and Bridget St. Peter
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kim Factor

Poster-2009-SpillaneThurow-snapshot.png Embedded Xinu

Student Researchers: Paul Spillane and Kyle Thurow
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Dennis Brylow

Poster-2009-Berg-snapshot.png Embedded Xinu

Student Researcher: Ryan Berg
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Dennis Brylow

Summer 2010 Projects