Summer 2015 Projects

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Applied Mathematical Modeling

Poster-2015-Bihn-snapshot.png Poster-2015-Cui-snapshot.png Using Gaussian Stochastic Processes (GaSP) for Hazard Mapping.
Student Researchers: John Bihn, Tao Cui, Dakota Sullivan
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Elaine Spiller
Poster-2015-Handley-snapshot.png Minimizing Total Distance in Sudoku Number Entry.
Student Researcher: Trisha Handley
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kim Factor
Poster-2015-Barros-snapshot.png Developing Methods to Study Complex Food Webs.
Student Researcher: Benjamin Barros
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kim Factor
Poster-2015-Cram-snapshot.png Application of Competition Graphs and (1,2)-step Competition Graphs.
Student Researcher: Lenzi Cram
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kim Factor
Poster-2015-Minucci-snapshot.png The Role of Leptin in Fat, Inflammation and the Immune System.
Student Researcher: Sarah Minucci
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Stephen Merrill
Poster-2015-Martin-snapshot.png Linear Regression Model Trees for Electric Load Forecasting.
Student Researcher: Abby Martin
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Richard Povinelli

Applied Computer Science

Poster-2015-King-snapshot.png Design of an Embedded Controller for a Bipedal Robot.
Student Researcher: Muhsin King
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Andrew Williams
Poster-2015-Moore-snapshot.png Towards an Intel Galileo-Based Culturally Responsive Robotics Curriculum.
Student Researcher: Ronald Moore
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Andrew Williams
Poster-2015-Martinkus-snapshot.png Personalizing Places of Interest Using Social Media Analysis.
Student Researcher: Philip Martinkus
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Praveen Madiraju

Mathematics and Computer Science Education

Poster-2015-Schmitt-snapshot.png Game Engine for Serious Educational Games.
Student Researcher: [User:Joseph.Schmitt|Joseph Schmitt]
Faculty Mentors: { Dr. Shaun Longstreet] and Dr. Kendra Cooper.
Poster-2015-Abolt-snapshot.png Joseph Abolt]
Faculty Mentors: Dr. Shaun Longstreet and Dr. Kendra Cooper.
Poster-2015-Stolz-snapshot.png William Stolz]
Faculty Mentors: Dr. Shaun Longstreet and Dr. Kendra Cooper.
Poster-2015-Dela-Sancha-snapshot.png Maria Dela-Sancha]
Faculty Mentors: Dr. George Corliss and Dr. Richard Povinelli
Poster-2015-Hunpatin-snapshot.png Embedded Xinu Operating System on Raspberry Pi.
Student Researcher: [User:Omokolade.Hunpatin|Omokolade Hunpatin]
Faculty Mentors: [User:Brylow|Dr. Dennis Brylow]