Summer 2016 Projects

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Applied Mathematical Modeling

Poster-2016-Sisk-snapshot.png Validating a CFD Model for Predicting Relative ‘Cleanability’ of Reusable Medical Devices:
Student Researcher: Anna Sisk.
Mentors: Dr. Stephen Merrill and Casey O'Brien.
Poster-2016-Bielke-snapshot.png Poster-2016-Miller-snapshot.png Sudoku Distances.
Student Researchers: Julia Beilke and Joel Miller.
Mentor: Dr. Kim Factor.
Poster-2016-Sommerkamp-snapshot.png Comparing Two Models of 99mTc-HMPAO Uptake in the Lungs: Is a Compartmental Model Sufficient to Reliably Estimate Key Physiological Parameters.
Student Researcher: Kim Sommerkamp.
Mentor: Dr. Anne Clough.
Poster-2016-Loew-snapshot.png Poster-2016-Ruiz-snapshot.png Applied Probabilistic Forecasting Methods in Energy Consumption.
Student Researchers: Stephen Loew and Alberto Ruiz
Mentor: Dr. George F. Corliss.
Poster-2016-Hong-snapshot.png Statistical Analysis of PARC Near West Side: Identifying Zombie Properties.
Student Researcher: Gina Hong.
Mentor: Dr. Gary Krenz.

Computer Science

Poster-2016-Cronce-snapshot.png Anomaly Detection in Swarm Robotics
Student Researcher: Daniel Cronce
Mentor: Dr. Despoina Perouli
Advisers: Dr. Dennis Brylow and Dr. Andrew Williams.
Poster-2016-Baker-snapshot.png CubeSAT.
Student Researcher: Michael Baker
Mentors: Dr. George F. Corliss, Dr. Dennis Brylow.
Poster-2016-Morley-snapshot.png Development of Authentication and Management Systems for Systems Administration Offices.
Student Researcher: Charlie Morley.
Mentors: Steve Goodman and Dr. Dennis Brylow.

Data Science

Poster-2016-Nguyen-snapshot.png Poster-2016-Subramanian-snapshot.png Text Mining in Keyword Extraction.
Student Researchers: Phuc Nguyen and Aditya Subramanian.
Mentor: Dr. Thomas Kaczmarek.

Mathematics and Computer Science Education

Poster-2016-Hunpatin-snapshot.png Poster-2016-Thomas-snapshot.png A browser-based IDE for the MUzECS platform.
Student Researchers: Omokolade Hunpatin and Ryan Thomas.
Mentor: Dr. Dennis Brylow.

A Browser-based IDE for the MUzECS Platform
Omokolade Hunpatin, Casey O'Hare, Ryan Thomas and Dr. Dennis Brylow.
VLC 2016: International Workshop on Visual Languages and Computing, in Proceedings of the Twenty-Second International Conference on Distributed Multimedia Systems, pages 112-118, Salerno, Italy, November 2016.