Summer 2016 Projects

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Game Engine for Serious Educational Games. Student Researchers: Daniel Cronce and Michael Baker. Mentors Dr. Shaun Longstreet, Dr. Kendra Cooper, and Dr. Dennis Brylow.

Predicting Relative 'Cleanability' from Geometry. Anna Sisk. Mentors: Dr. Stephen Merrill and Casey O'Brien

Sudoku Distances. Julia Beilke and Joel Miller. Mentor: Dr. Kim Factor.

Algorithms of CT and SPECT Scans. Kim Sommerkamp. Mentor: Dr. Anne Clough

Text Mining in Keywords Extraction. Student: Phuc Nguyen. Mentor: Dr. Thomas Kaczmarek.

Applied Probabilistic Forecasting Methods in Energy Consumption. Dr. George Corliss, students Stephen Loew and Alberto Ruiz

Abstract: In this research we try to find applications for probabilistic forecasting on GasDay energy consumption models. Additionally we will survey literature to find applications of probabilistic forecasting in industry. Furthermore, we will examine forecasting metrics for accuracy including the Brier Score, evaluate strength and weaknesses and consider possible improvements.

Analyzing and Mapping out data of Milwaukee . Gina Hong. Mentor: Dr. Gary Krenz.

Development of Authentication and Management Systems for Systems Administration Offices. Charlie Morley. Mentors: [Steve Goodman] and [Dr. Dennis Brylow].

Mathematics and Computer Science Education

  • MUzECS : Really cool things and stuff. David Hunpatin and Ryan Thomas. Mentor: Dr. Dennis Brylow.