Summer 2016 Projects

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Game Engine for Serious Educational Games. Student Researchers: Daniel Cronce and Michael Baker. Mentors Dr. Shaun Longstreet, Dr. Kendra Cooper, and Dr. Dennis Brylow.

Predicting Relative 'Cleanability' from Geometry. Anna Sisk. Mentors: Dr. Stephen Merrill and Casey O'Brien

Sudoku Distances. Julia Beilke and Joel Miller. Mentor: Dr. Kim Factor.

Algorithms of CT and SPECT Scans. Kim Sommerkamp. Mentor: Dr. Anne Clough

Text Mining in Keywords Extraction. Student: Phuc Nguyen. Mentor: Dr. Thomas Kaczmarek.

Applied Probabilistic Forecasting Methods in Energy Consumption. Dr. George Corliss, students Stephen Loew and Alberto Ruiz

Analyzing and Mapping out data of Milwaukee . Gina Hong. Mentor: Dr. Gary Krenz.

Development of Authentication and Management Systems for Systems Administration Offices. Charlie Morley. Mentors: Steve Goodman and Dr. Dennis Brylow.

Mathematics and Computer Science Education