Summer 2018 Projects

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Poster-2018-Coffee-Johnson-snapshot.png Intrusion Detection in Swarm Robotics:
Student Researcher: Lindsey Coffee-Johnson.
Mentor: Dr. Debbie Perouli.

Detecting Anomalous Behavior of Socially Assistive Robots in Geriatric Care Facilities
Lindsey Coffee-Johnson and Debbie Perouli
HRI '19: in Companion of the 2019 ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction Daegu, Korea, March 2019.

Utilizing Graph-Cuts in Image Segmentation to Isolate the Heart within CT Scans:
Student: Sam Weiner.
Mentor: Dr. Naveen Bansal

Intrusion Detection in Swarm Robotics:
Student Researcher: Lindsey Coffee-Johnson
Mentor: Dr. Debbie Perouli

SUPREME: A Cancer Subtype Prediction Methodology by Integrating High-Dimensional Biological Datasets:
Student Researcher: Jeanne Su.
Mentor: Dr. Serdar Bozdag.

A Qualitative Study of Wisconsin Computer Science in K-12:
Student Researchers: Darren Jefferson, Peter Moras
Mentor: Dr. Dennis Brylow

Expanding Curricula for Parallel Computing Fundamentals in Computer Architecture and Hardware Courses:
Student Researcher: Benjamin Levandowski.
Mentor: Dr. Dennis Brylow.

Multicore Embedded Operating System Components for Education:
Student Researcher: Brian Weithers.
Mentor: Dr. Dennis Brylow.

Deconstructing Spatial Clustering Algorithms To Explore Biases in Crime Analysis:
Student Researchers: Katy Weathington, Laura Schultz, Quinci Henry.
Mentor: Dr. Shion Guha

GasDay Alarm Prediction:
Student Researcher: Jaired Collins
Mentors: Dr. Richard Povinelli, Dr. George Corliss

Preparing Gaussian Stochastic Processes for Coupling Landslide Hazards:
Student Researcher: Lindsay Webster
Mentor: Dr. Elaine Spiller

Forecasting Stock Prices using Social Media Analysis:
Student Researcher: Dawson d'Almeida
Mentor: Dr. Praveen Madiraju