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| '''[[Assessing the Framing and Priorities of Data Science Programs]]''': <br /> Student Researcher: [[User:DPerez|Diego Perez]]. <br /> Mentor: [https://michaelzimmer.org Dr. Michael Zimmer].
| '''[[Assessing the Framing and Priorities of Data Science Programs]]''': <br /> Student Researcher: [[Diego A Pérez Morales]]. <br /> Mentor: [https://michaelzimmer.org Dr. Michael Zimmer].

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To start with this first week, create a link to your initial project name below. That link should go to a page with an abstract (brief overview) of your project. It is not unusual for these project abstracts to evolve over the course of the summer, so these are not set in stone.

Second, create a link to your own user page. This page will serve as the central log for how you are spending your time each week.

Third, include your project mentor, with a relevant link to their homepage or wiki page.

You will not have links to a poster or any resulting publications until later.

Template example:

Poster-2018-Coffee-Johnson-snapshot.png Intrusion Detection in Swarm Robotics:
Student Researcher: Lindsey Coffee-Johnson.
Mentor: Dr. Debbie Perouli.

Detecting Anomalous Behavior of Socially Assistive Robots in Geriatric Care Facilities
Lindsey Coffee-Johnson and Debbie Perouli
HRI '19: in Companion of the 2019 ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction, pages 582-583, Daegu, Korea, March 2019.

Assessing the Framing and Priorities of Data Science Programs:
Student Researcher: Diego A Pérez Morales.
Mentor: Dr. Michael Zimmer.
Preventing Postpartum Mental Health Problems:
Student Researcher: Sydney Shearer.
Mentor: Dr. Sabirat Rubya.
Capturing nutritional value at the point of consumption using accessible and inexpensive technologies:
Student Researcher: Andrew Noecker.
Mentors: Dr. Walter Bialkowski and Dr. Randall Gretebeck.
Association between crime, places, and neighborhood characteristics:
Student Researcher: Riley Keating.
Mentor: Dr. Aleksandra Snowden.
Generating and Analyzing Collective Concept Maps:
Student Researcher: Riordan Brennan.
Mentor: Dr. Debbie Perouli.
Predict Likelihood of Completion for Future Lifestyle Medicine Program:
Student Researcher: Jennifer Sailor.
Mentors: Ms. Olga Kozlova & Dr. Praveen Madiraju