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About Me

My name is Jack Weisse. I will be a senior in the School of Arts and Sciences at Marquette University in the Fall of 2009. I am currently working with Dr. Scott on Ergodicity for Lagrangian Assimilation.


May 18

  • Met with Dr. Spiller about REU project
  • Began background reading

May 25

  • Read Ch 12.1 on flows provided by Dr. Scott
  • Read important sections of "A Bayesian approach to Langrangian data assimilation"
    • Looked at how Fig 1 was produced
  • Read important sections of "Capturing Deviation from Ergodicity at Different Scales"
  • Skimmed over A First Course in Differential Equations with Applications by Dennis G. Zill for basic background on differential equations

June 1

  • Met with Dr. Scott about REU project
    • Discussed how and what to put into code
  • Went through online tutorial of MATLAB in order to write code
  • Began writing code to test ergodicity in a simple system

June 8

  • Finished first draft of ergodicity code
  • Met with Dr. Scott to review code and talk about what to do next
  • Began updating code to include new parameters

June 15

  • Finished second draft of code
  • Met with Dr. Scott to review code and talk about what to do next
  • Began updating code to compute space average and time average

June 22

  • Ran into some problems with translating theory to code
    • Met with Dr. Scott to discuss
  • Finished updating code and met with Dr. Scott to review
  • Began writing code to imitate integral in ergodicity equation

June 29

  • Continued to write code to imitate integral in ergodicity equation
    • Had some trouble with translating theory to code
  • Attended REU lunch on Thursday July 2
    • Gave brief presentation on research

July 6

  • Revised code to include comments, timer, and a faster runtime
  • Plotted d vs. s for each run
  • Began writing code for torus, 2D model of previous code
    • Began writing code for Box Exchange map

July 13

  • Had bugs with box exchange map - moved to invariant circles map
  • Had bug with code

July 20

  • Continued struggle with bug
  • Bug resolved, printed graph for invariant circles map
  • Programmed Nonergodic Island map using different seeding technique
    • Had slight bug, quickly resolved, printed graphs for both maps

July 27

  • Began collaborating with Dr. Spiller and Gabe Van Eyck
  • Began programming shallow water equations using runge kutta method

August 3

  • Continued programming shallow water equations
    • Recreated flow field figure in Lagrangian Assimilation paper
  • Began discussing how to implement ergodicity defect code on shallow water equations

August 10

  • On Vacation

August 17

  • Poster week

August 24

  • Poster presentation on Tuesday, Aug 25th