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Validating a CFD Model for Predicting Relative ‘Cleanability’ of Reusable Medical Devices

Mentors: Dr. Stephen Merrill and Casey O'Brien

Personal Info

My name is Anna Sisk and I am going into my senior year at Marquette University. I am majoring in Mathematics and minoring in Biological Sciences.

Goals for the Summer

  • Characterize the data the micro-CT scans of the plastic models
  • Find scaling factor to fit plastic data to the simulation data
  • Determination of simulation time between plastic and simulation models

Weekly Accomplishments

Week 1

  • Orientation to the REU
  • Lunch with Dr. Merrill and Casey to determine project and develop a preliminary outline for the summer (Tuesday)
  • Two additional meeting with Casey to discuss the different tools and programs we will use, receive background references and information, and work on using Matlab (Wednesday and Friday)
  • Research and reading on background information: what the problem is, why it is important, how attention was brought to it, what is being done, ect.
  • Practicing different tools on Matlab
  • Setting up this wiki page

Week 2

  • Meeting with Casey (Monday)
    • received PDF and CT scan data
  • Continuing Matlab practice
  • Meeting with Casey and Dr. Merrill (Tuesday)
  • Graphed and plotted the PDFs for model D
    • Calculated average of the 5 runs and graphed it
  • Read about One-Dimensional Search Methods in Introduction to Methods of Optimization
  • Looked into sequential and dichotomous search methods
  • Meeting with Casey and Dr. Merrill (Thursday)
    • Discussed what to work on and how to make a poster
  • Attended Dr. Brylow's Talk on Good Research Talks and Papers (Thursday)
    • I am now terrified of grad school
  • Rescale graphs, so they accurately reflect PDFs
  • Calculated and graphed standard deviation and variance of PDFs
  • Started testing for a Poisson distribution

Week 3

  • Finished the test for a Poisson distribution
    • The data does not appear to fit this distribution
  • Working on developing a conceptual model (traffic flow)
  • Meeting with Dr. Merrill and Casey (Tuesday)
    • Taking the data from Casey's model and matching the mean and variance to the data from the plastic model
    • Find out how long Casey's model needs to run so it matches the plastic model data
    • Continue working on the conceptual model
  • Wrote up a summary for the conceptual model
  • Dr. George Corliss' talk on using LaTeX (Thursday)
  • Meeting with Dr. Merrill and Casey (Thursday)
    • Continued to outline poster and paper
      • Talked about different titles
    • Discussed conceptual model and how it can inform our thoughts on this project
    • Need to come up with a definition of 'cleanability'
    • Decided on goals for the next week and and outline for the rest of the summer
  • Drafted a preliminary outline for poster
  • Next steps:
    • Receive data from Casey's model and determine the correct run time for his model
    • Compute the sum of squares and plot it vs time
    • Calculate the minimum for the function
    • Fit the variance and mean of the two models
    • If we are able to validate this specific model, we can then try to apply this method to other plastic models with different geometries

Week 4

  • Continued working on poster outline
  • Received the simulated data from Casey
    • Plotted the data
  • Meeting with Casey (Tuesday)
    • Talked about mini presentation
    • Looked and the data from the simulation and the plastic models
    • Talked about interpolating the data so we can calculate the sum of squared differences (SSD)
  • Leaned how to interpolate data on MATLAB
  • Figured out how to calculate SSD (taking into consideration the plastic and simulated data have different slice sizes)
    • Plotted the SSD and fitted a spline curve to it
  • Meeting with Casey(Thursday)
    • Went over results from SSD
    • Simulation parameters may need to be adjusted so the simulation data fits the plastic model data better
    • Continued to talked about mini-presentation
    • Explained how to create a function on MATLAB
  • Worked on slides and outline for mini presentation
  • Created a MATLAB function for computing SSD

Week 5

  • Worked on powerpoint and talk for mini presentation
  • Meeting with Dr. Merrill and Casey (Tuesday)
    • Talked about how to give a short research talk
    • Gave update on what happened last week
    • Discussed ways to get the SSD work
  • Finished writing mini-presentation talk and slides
  • Received new simulation data
  • Mini-Presentation
  • Meeting with Dr. Merrill and Casey(Thursday)
    • Talked about presentation tips
    • Brief update on what I've accomplished this week
  • Figured out how to work with new data
  • Interpolated simulation data
  • Calculated SSD between new simulation data and plastic data average
  • Discussed results of SSD with Casey
    • Still not looking correct

Week 6

  • Happy Fourth of July
  • Meeting with Dr. Merrill and Casey (Tuesday)
    • Looked at SSD and data calculated last week
    • Talked about using scaling to fit the data
    • Discussed ways to improve delivering talks
  • Worked on scaling plastic data
    • scaled in by 10, 15, 20
  • Showed results to Casey
    • Data looks much better
  • Wrote a function to determine where the SSD stop the decreasing trend
  • Looked at the data scaled by 16, 17, 18, 19
  • Meeting with Casey and Dr. Merrill (Friday)
    • Reviewed scaled data
    • Decided to pick scaling factor by matching the area under the curve for the plastic to the area under the curve for the simulation
    • Looked at picking a run time (maybe 15 seconds?)
    • Talked about writing the research paper
  • Looked at area under the curve for the plastic and simulation curves
    • Area under the curve for simulation: 20.07
    • Area under the curve for plastic: 1 (since its a PDF)
    • Thus a scaling factor of 20 best fits the data

Week 7

  • Researched writing a research paper and abstract
  • Created a simple outline of paper
  • Meeting with Dr. Merrill and Casey (Tuesday)
    • Actual research is mostly finished
    • Talked about how to write a research paper
    • Discussed proper documentation
  • Began working on research paper
    • Drafted the Introduction and History/Related Works section
  • Meeting with Dr. Merrill and Casey (Thursday)
    • Showed and discussed draft Introduction and History/Related Works section
    • Discussed what needs to be fixed and the rest of the paper
  • Dr. Factor's talk on posters (Thursday)
    • Began to panic about the poster
  • Continued writing
    • Wrote draft sections on Conceptual Model and Plastic Model Data

Week 8

  • Began working on poster
  • Meeting with Dr. Merrill and Casey (Tuesday)
    • Showed them a draft of the poster
    • Discussed how to finish the poster
  • Finished first draft of the poster
  • Showed Dr. Merrill and Casey the Poster
    • Made corrections
  • Finished and submitted poster

Week 9

  • Worked on poster presentation
  • Continued to work on paper
  • Started to work on final presentation
  • Poster Presentation (Friday)
  • Wrote research talk abstract

Week 10

  • Worked on final presentation slides
  • Wrote final presentation talk
  • Wrote paper abstract
  • Attended research talks (Wednesday)
  • Gave my research talk (Thursday)
  • Last meeting with Dr. Merrill (Thursday)
  • REU Post Survey
  • Sent in paper (Friday)
  • Final updates on wiki page