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Personal Info

  • My name is Casey O'Hare and I am a undergraduate at Marquette University studying Computer Science and Mathematics

Weekly Log

Week 1 (6/1 - 6/5)

  • Attended introductory session; learned about REU program
  • Met with Dr. Brylow and research group members
  • Attended Systems lab orientation with Dr. Dennis Brylow
  • Took pre-REU NSF survey
  • Began learning MUzECS from last year
  • Learned about how block-based coding works

Week 2 (6/5 - 6/12)

  • Started to research online block-based IDEs for the new MUzECS platform
  • Met with Dr. Brylow
  • Developed a plan with research group members about how to move MUzECS to chrome
  • Made sample programs in ArduBlock
  • Looked through ArduBlock's code repository in order to find out how block logic was made
  • Discovered Blockly from Google to use as a IDE and forked the repository

Week 3

  • Met with Dr. Brylow
  • Learned more about Google's Blockly and how it is built
  • Started to create our own blocks in the online IDE
  • Began to search for how to transfer compiled code from Chrome to the Arduino through USB
  • Found a Chrome Extension that we could not figure out how it worked that would talk to the Arduino
  • Found how to create a Chrome App that can use the Google serial API to talk to serial ports

Week 4

  • Met with Dr. Brylow
  • Adopted the Google serial API to use AVR109 protocol to succesfully talk to the Arudino over the serial port and send code to it
  • Finished making ECS blocks on the online IDE
  • Finished with Chrome App to allow communication to Arudino
  • Created an INO server that would take code from the online IDE and compile it and send it to the Chrome App
  • Overall finished MUzECS project for now
  • Soldered MUzECS shields for high schools

Week 5

  • Met with Dr. Brylow
  • Talked about what to work on next. Decided on XinuPi conversion
  • This project was already started and we planned out how to finish it
  • Learned about why kexec was not working correctly and attempted to fix it
  • Ordered hardware to interface with the Rasberry Pi through serial port

Week 6

  • Met with Dr. Brylow
  • Found out the MAC address was being randomly generated by Pis instead of being constant
  • Began learning how MAC addresses were resolved and learned about the Mailbox Interface to talk to the Pi hardware
  • Successfully got each MAC address straight from the hardware fixing this issue
  • Connected Pis via serial port and was able to use it

Week 7

  • Met with Dr. Brylow
  • Began to change the check/expect scripts for remotely connecting to Pis
  • Debug kexec issues with new kernels
  • Started to brainstorm on how to create a server rack
  • Decided to make the rack out of plexiglass and nylon hardware
  • Went to hardware store for plexiglass and nylon hardware
  • Started to create designs for Pi rack and cut out plexiglass

Week 8

  • Met with Dr. Brylow
  • Put in new Pis and server rack wires
  • Started to redo curriculum in ARM for Hardware Systems course at Marquette
  • Testing out new Pi rack design and how it works

Week 9

  • Met with Dr. Brylow
  • Finished redo of curriculum
  • Started a research paper on MUzECS and XinuPi

Week 10

  • Met with Dr. Brylow
  • Gave poster talk
  • Gave presentation on summer research
  • Finished research paper on MUzECS
  • Final touches on MUzECS and XinuPi projects