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Personal Info

Curtis Stochl is a third year Mathematics and Computer Science major at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He is the son of Jon Stochl, a self-made pizza man and Kathy Stochl, a beautician. He spends the majority of his life listening to the St. Louis Cardinals. He works in the GasDay Lab on the fifth floor of Olin Engineering Building.


Week 1

  • Set goals and milestones
  • Learn Matlab
  • Read literature on basic forecasting

Week 2

  • Create paper outline
  • Master Matlab
  • Read literature on rule-based forecasting and blending

Week 3

  • Write backgound section of final paper
  • Test for initial model

Week 4

  • Write literature survey
  • Run initial model

Week 5

  • Write methods
  • Lab presentation
  • Create blended model
  • Test for blended model

Week 6

  • Blended model running

Week 7

  • Write results

Week 8

  • Toronto conference
  • Revise paper

Week 9

  • Complete paper
  • Present findings for GasDay lab

Week 10

  • Create poster
  • Prepare final presentation for REU

Work Log

Week 1

Tuesday, May 31st

  • Orientation

Wednesday, June 1st

  • Met with Dr. Corliss
  • Read articles on Blending and Rule-Based Forecasting
  • Sat in on a meeting between GasDay Administrators and Economic Professors to discuss long-term forecasting research
  • Listened to Graduate Student presentations

Thursday, June 2nd

  • Met with Dr. Corliss
  • Read more articles on Blending and Rule-Based Forecasting
  • Studied Matlab
  • Attended research talk by Dr. Factor
  • Visited Library

Friday, June 3rd

  • Met with Dr. Corliss
  • Programmed in Matlab
  • Initial data study in Matlab

Week 2

Monday, June 6th

  • Attended LDC meeting
  • Meeting with Dr. Corliss
  • Read text book on forecasting
  • Matlab programming

Tuesday, June 7th

  • GasDay Camp
  • Meeting with Dr. Corliss
    • Discussed Matlab coding practices and forecasting methods
  • Read forecasting text book
  • Began outlining final paper
  • Matlab programming and modeling

Wednesday, June 8th

  • Wrote project summary
  • Listened to Wednesday Lab Presentations
  • Matlab Modeling
  • Worked on outline for final paper

Thursday, June 9th

  • Matlab Modeling
  • Attended working lunch
  • Studied Data

Friday, June 10th

  • Finished outline for final paper
  • Looked at hundreds of daily flow graphs

Week 3

Monday, June 13th

  • Read forecasting text
  • Meeting with Dr. Corliss
  • Reading on MATLAB statistical functions

Tuesday, June 14th

  • Attended MATLAB seminar for Technical Computing
  • Attended Dr. Brylow's talk on Technical Papers and Talks
  • MATLAB modeling and statistics

Wednesday, June 15th

  • Attended seminar in Appleton, WI

Thursday, June 16th

  • Watched MATLAB seminar on short-term load forecasting
  • Meeting with Dr. Corliss
  • Working lunch
  • Research techniques seminar
  • Fought Emacs and was soundly defeated

Friday, June 17th

  • Meeting with Dr. Corliss
  • Read article on ensemble forecasting
  • Wrote MATLAB seminar summary
  • Starting introduction to final paper

Week 4

Monday, June 20th

  • Wrote introduction to final paper
  • Meeting with Dr. Corliss
  • Finished introduction to final paper
  • Finished background section for final paper
  • Forecasting experimentation

Tuesday, June 21st

  • Meeting with Dr. Corliss
  • Prepared presentation for Wednesday
  • Wrote more for the paper

Wednesday, June 22nd

  • Presentation preparation
  • Celebrated Dr. Corliss' Birthday
  • Gave hour long presentation on work done so far
  • Attended another hour long presentation

Thursday, June 23rd

  • Meeting with Dr. Corliss
  • Working lunch
  • Data collection
  • Paper writing

Friday, June 24th

  • Meeting with Dr. Corliss
  • Reading
  • Paper writing and revision

Week 5

Monday, June 2tth

  • Meeting with Dr. Corliss
  • Incorporated multi-horizon forecast into plotday
  • Forecast experimentation
  • Paper writing
  • Reading

Tuesday, June 28th

  • Read forecasting text book
  • Meeting with Dr. Corliss
  • Writing on final paper

Wednesday, June 29th

  • Meeting with Dr. Corliss
  • Forecasting with MATLAB
  • Prepared lab presentation

Thursday, June 30th

  • Lab presentation preparation
  • Lab presentations
  • Tried to implement parallel computing to forecasting tool

Friday, JULY 1ST!!!!

  • Meeting with Dr. Corliss
  • Explored parallelization in MATLAB
  • Touched up multi-horizon forecast model
  • Began running of multi-horizon forecast error function
  • Worked on final paper

Week 6

Monday, July 4th

  • Grilled
  • Ate
  • Blew stuff up

Tuesday, July 5th

  • Studied results from multi-horizon error function
  • Meeting with Corliss
  • Explored parallelization in MATLAB
  • Began building blended model

Wednesday, July 6th

  • Meeting with Corliss
  • Began preparing presentation for Thursday
  • Attended lab seminars

Thursday, July 7th

  • Finished presentation
  • Gave presentation
  • REU Lunch
  • Speaker
  • MATLAB parallelization

Friday, July 8th

  • Worked on clusters for parallelization
  • Meeting with Corliss
  • More parallelization

Week 7

Monday, July 11th

  • Recursive least squares lecture
  • Debugged parallel implementation of least squares implementation

Wednesday, July 13th

  • Implemented recursive least squares algorithm
  • Debugged recursive least squares algorithm
  • Explored algorithm results
  • Prepared presentation
  • Discussed errors in recursive algorithm
  • Fixed errors

Thursday, July 14th

  • Constructed blended model class
  • REU lunch
  • Finished blended model class

Friday, July 15th

  • Added to blended model class
  • Debugged class

Week 8

Monday, July 18th

  • Debugged class
  • Meeting with Corliss
  • Added functions to class

Tuesday, July 19th

  • Meeting with Corliss
  • Toured new engineering building
  • Added functions to class

Wednesday, July 20th

  • Meeting with Corliss
  • Lab presentations
  • Began work on poster

Thursday, July 21st

  • Meeting with Corliss
  • REU lunch
  • Worked on poster

Friday, July 22nd

  • Work on poster
  • Added functions to class to obtain graphics for poster

Week 9

Sunday, July 24th

  • Attempted to fly to Canada
  • Failed

Monday, July 25th

  • Tested blending algorithm on more data
  • Debugged Class
  • Worked on final paper and poster