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Personal Info

Charlie Morley is a freshman Marquette University student studying Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics.

Research Area

Charlie is studying possible areas of overhaul and improvement in IT and Systems Administration - administrator applications related to user authentication, permissions, systems management and diagnostics.

Weekly Log

Week 1 (5/30-6/1)

  • Attended REU orientation to meet fellow researchers and become familiar with the REU program
  • Attended library research orientation to learn how to use Marquette's research resources
  • Became familiarized with layout and pieces of Marquette's and the MSCS Department's technology systems
  • Took on responsibilities in systems administration for the MSCS Department in order to gain an understanding of the practices and needs of system administration offices
  • Had brief discussions over possible projects with project mentors
  • Set up personal and project information in the REU documentation, defined short-term research goals as the project approach and details manifest more clearly