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Personal Information

Casey J. O'Brien
Ubicomp Lab, CU301E
Department of Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science
Marquette University
cobrie {at} mscs {dot} mu {dot} edu

A senior with majors in Computer Science and English Literature, I work in Dr. Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed's Ubicomp Lab in CU301E.

Summer Goals/Milestones

These are preliminary goals/milestones. Most will be expanded/modified as the project develops.

  • June 17th: Finish literature survey on 1) privacy in ubiquitous computing and 2) simple/complex activity recognition
  • June 30th: (Mini Presentations) Finish design of preliminary system
  • July 29th: Finish basic simple activity recognition on device
  • August 1st: Finish preparing final poster

Zotero Bibliography Manager

My Zotero working bibliography is available at http://www.zotero.org/caseyobrien/items.

Week 8: Characterizing Sensor Noise: Allan Variance

  • Allan Variance to determine noise coefficients
  • Using AV to determine update equations in Kalman Filter

Week 7: Inertial Navigation

  • Obtaining fairly accurate displacement calculations over short distances
  • Modeling error in accelerometers and gyroscopes
    • Ellipsoid fitting using least squares

Week 6: Inertial Navigation

  • Continued working on internal navigation as it relates to map generation
  • Worked on iPhone code for SLAM

Week 5: Mini Presentations

  • Formalized technical proposal
  • Wrote preliminary parts of new grant proposal
  • Prepared presentation for Thursday
  • Delivered presentation

Week 4: System Requirements and Design

  • Read/annotated numerous papers on complex activity recognition
  • Began to gather design requirements and design features of our system
    • How it differs from existing systems
    • What issues it addresses

Week 3: Map Generation Implementation Experiments

Monday 13 June

  • Built up Android development environment
    • Android toolchain
    • Eclipse plug-ins
  • Started code for wifi localization implementation

Tuesday 14 June

  • Continued code for wifi localization implementation
  • Worked through mathematics for multifeature multiclass Bayesian classifier
  • Attended talk on good presentations and research papers

Wednesday 15 June

  • Read papers and tweaked implementation of localization project
  • Gathered preliminary data on beacon attributes

Thursday 16 June

  • Attended lecture on responsible research practices
  • Worked through beacon probability mathematics

Friday 17 June

  • Worked through beacon probability mathematics
  • Developed Bayesian classifier generic Java class
  • Gathered comprehensive data on wifi environment in MSCS department

Week 2: Localization and Map Generation

Monday 06 May

  • Read/edited new book chapter on carbon footprint calculation framework to be published soon
  • Explored potential print resources in the library and photocopied potentially relevant sections
    • G. Bekey, Autonomous robots : from biological inspiration to implementation and control, Cambridge Mass.: MIT Press, 2005. [TJ211.495 .B45 2005]
    • D. Fox, S. Thrun, W. Burgard, and F. Dellaert, “Particle filters for mobile robot localization,” Sequential Monte Carlo Methods in Practice, New York, NY, USA: Springer-VErlag, 2001, pp. 401-428. [QA298 .S47 2001]
    • José del R. Millán, “Robot Navigation,” The Handbook of Brain Theory and Neural Networks, 2003, pp. 987-990. [QP363.3 .H36 2003]

Tuesday 07 May

  • Read/skimmed/annotated a variety of somewhat unhelpful, yet intellectually stimulating papers
    • 10.1109/WCNM.2005.1544306
    • 10.1109/PERCOM.2010.5466999
    • 10.1109/IGARSS.2005.1526254
    • 10.1109/IPIN.2010.5647107
    • 10.1109/AERO.2006.1655801
    • 10.1109/IPIN.2010.5646861
    • 10.1109/IPIN.2010.5647505
  • Organized things in Ubicomp lab

Wednesday 08 May

  • Found/read book sections on methods of localization in wifi networks
    • S.-L. Wu, Wireless ad hoc networking : personal-area, local-area, and the sensory-area networks, Boca Raton FL: Auerbach Pub., 2007. [TK5105.78 .W59 2007]
    • A. LaMarca, Location systems an introduction to the technology behind location awareness, [San Rafael, Calif.] :: Morgan & Claypool Publishers,, 2008.
  • Contemplated system components and design

Thursday 09 May

  • Read book sections on methods of localization in wifi networks

Friday 10 May

  • Worked on developing wifi localization implementation using Bayesian networks

Week 1: Summer Planning

Monday 30 May (Memorial Day)

  • Summer residents move-in

Tuesday 31 May

  • REU orientation
  • "Rehired" by HR
  • Prepared SafeTask and EcoDrive for presentation at R2D2 lab tomorrow

Wednesday 01 May

  • Meeting w/ Dr. Iqbal and Aaron on summer projects
  • Meeting at UWM R2D2 Center (Dr. Roger Smith) to share lab experiences
    • Showed two demos on iPhone -- SafeTask and EcoDrive
  • Meeting of the Official Funtivities Committee
    • Brainstormed ideas
    • Planned first weekend event -- lunch at Sobelman's

Thursday 02 May

  • Talk on research practices
  • Library tour and database orientation
  • Checked out potentially useful books
    • A. Acquisti, Digital privacy : theory, technologies, and practices, New York: Auerbach Publications, 2008. [QA76.9.A25 D528 2008]
    • G. Giannotti, Mobility, data mining, and privacy : geographic knowledge discovery, Berlin: Springer Heidelberg, 2008. [G70.2 .M62 2008]
    • M. Wachowicz, Movement-aware applications for sustainable mobility : technologies and approaches, Hershey PA: Information Science Reference, 2010. [TK5105.65 .M68 2010]

Friday 03 May

  • Explored potential articles in IEEE Xplore, entered citations into Zotero
  • Read general overviews of security/privacy in ubiquitous computing environments
  • Summer residents move into new apartment