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About Me

I'm Charlie Repaci, a senior at Simmons University studying Data Science, with a special interest in Biochemistry and Sociology. This summer I am working with Dr. Shion Guha and doctoral candidate Devansh Saxena on Developing Ethical Algorithms for Placement Stability in the Foster Care System.

Work Log

Week 1 June 1 to June 7 - Orientation

    - Introduction to other mentors, mentees, and REU heads Dr. Praveen Madiraju and Dr. Dennis Brylow
    - Review of REU calendar and expectations

- Data Science Bootcamp (talk by Dr. Madiraju)

    - Introduction and basics of data analysis with python (Anaconda and Jypyter Notebook)
           - Read in data
           - Pre-processing
           - Modeling
           - Data visualization

- Good Research Practices (talk by Dr. Brylow) - Literature Review

    - [A Human-Centered Review of Algorithms used within the U.S. Child Welfare System](
    - [Toward Algorithmic Accountability in Public Services: A Qualitative Study of Affected Community Perspectives on Algorithmic Decision-making in Child Welfare Services](
    - [Child Welfare System: Interaction of Policy, Practice, and Algorithms](
    - (Supplementary) [Risk vs. Restriction: The Tension between Providing a Sense of Normalcy and Keeping Foster Teens Safe Online](