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Daniel Cronce

Week One (05/31 - 06/03)

  • Went through orientation
  • Starting to flesh out what research project will be
  • Read research papers on the meta-model and last year's project
  • Meeting with Dr. Longstreet
  • Meeting with Dr. Cooper
  • Starting to browse and refactor code

Week Two (06/06 - 06/10)

  • Updated around half of the test games to work with the new schema
  • Demonstrated those test cases in the preview tool
  • Started on some research on related and prior works

Week Three (06/13 - 06/17)

  • Finished refactoring XML test cases to be valid
  • Read through engine code
  • Reading research papers in optimization

Week Four (06/20 - 06/24)

  • Project is in the process of being changed... looks like detecting compromised actors in swarm robotics
  • Read up on swarm robotics
  • Read up on ROS
  • ROS environment is now set up
  • Will begin scripting multi-bot simulations