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I am Dan Mahoney, a computer science and math major in the MSCS Department at Marquette University. I am working on the Embedded XINU Team under Dr. Brylow's supervision.


Week of May 18

  • REU Meeting
  • XINU Meeting
  • Began looking at trunk code and Tim Blattner's UDP implementation. Registered on wiki pages and looked at website trees
  • Looked through Blattner's network code
  • Listened to Aaron's run down of XINU networking
  • Read "The Linux Networking Architecture" - Chapter 14 - The Internet Protocol Suite
  • Hours: 22

Week of May 25

  • Met with Aaron Gember and Dr. Brylow about how to approach the reorganization of the TCP/IP stack.
  • Talked with Aaron about and went over the network stack code and architecture.
  • Tried to grasp how the network stack functions and further read Blattner's code
  • Finished chapter 14 of Linux Networking Architecture
  • Meet with XINU Team for Tuesday Paper; discussed Aaron's paper presentation of Web Mesh Networks
  • Hours: 22

Week of June 1

  • Made clean-ups to TCP/IP stack with Aaron and committed code to branch
  • Began to work on netRecv.c
  • Met with XINU Team for Tuesday paper; Discussed and listened to Adam K.'s presentation of Factored Operating Systems
  • Met with Team XINU to discuss updates and where we are headed
  • Met with Flash group to discuss projects for Flash; I'll be unfolding the TRX creation tool.
  • Watched Joe solder poorly!
  • Aaron and I went over netRecv.c again.
  • Started to read tools/firmware/trxwtrx-create.c
  • Hours: 22

Week of June 8

Week of June 15

  • Met with Aaron and Doc about how to handle some issues with the network stack, mostly how to handle ip source and destination routing
  • Read and reviewed "Dingo: Taming Device Drivers"
  • Discussed Dingo: Taming Device Drivers with XINU Team
  • Met with Flash division of XINU
  • Finished off my portion of the Internet Layer
  • Hours: 16

Week of June 22

  • Met with TCP/IP Group and Flash group to discuss situations and future of projects
  • Looked over UDP code off of Blattner's Branch
  • Look over routing code off of Blattner's Branch
  • Read and Discussed A Real-Time Software Platform for the Cell Processor at the Tuesday meeting
  • Hours: 15

Week of June 29

  • Swept out IPv4
  • Read and Discussed Mindstorms without Robotics at the Tuesday Meeting
  • Met with TCP/IP Group
  • Editted TCP/IP REU Page
  • Began reading Doug Comer and David Stevens' "Internetworking with TCP/IP Volume II, 3rd Edition" - Chapter 7: IP: Fragmentation and Reassembly
  • Hours: 24

Week of July 6

  • Continued reading Doug Comer and David Stevens' "Internetworking with TCP/IP Volume II, 3rd Edition" - Chapter 7: IP: Fragmentation and Reassembly
  • Read and Discussed Eliminating The Call Stack To Save Ram at the Tuesday Meeting
  • Read RFC 791 on IP Fragmenting and Reassembly
  • Read IP Fragmentation Wiki
  • Read Maximum Transmission Unit Wiki
  • Made final local changes to TBlattner branch before Aaron merged into Networking branch
  • Meet with Xinu had Thursday meeting and talked about where our projects are going to be going while Brylow is gone
  • Hours: 24

Week of July 13

  • Read RFC 815 on Simplified IP Fragmentation and Reassembly
  • Continued IP Fragmentation Research by reading Doug Comer and David Stevens' "Internetworking with TCP/IP Volume II, 3rd Edition" - Chapter 7: IP: Fragmentation and Reassembly
  • Read IP Encapsulation, Fragmentation, and Reassembly
  • Read Tuesday Paper on Outdoor Augmented Reality on mMbile Phones Using Loxel-Based Visual Feature Organization
  • Listened to Zachary Lund's Defense on VoIP Telephony
  • Went over IP Layer of Network StacK with Aaron Gember
  • Listened to Aaron Gember's demostration on how to test the network stack and PCAP tracefiles
  • Began testing of IP portion of network stack
  • Went over Routing API with Aaron Gember
  • Started to implement Routing
  • Hours: 28

Week of July 20

Week of July 13

Week of July 20

Week of July 27

  • Read and discussed Tuesdays Paper
  • Cleaned up IP functions
  • Went through routing once more
  • Hours: 20

Week of August 3

Week of August 10

  • Worked on IP and UDP Testing
  • Struggled with testing
  • Created PCAP files for UDP
  • Cleaned up IP portions of "new" trunk branch
  • Worked with Aaron and Dr. Brylow on IP
  • Asked Aaron many questions
  • Hours: 32