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Project Description

Online crowdfunding platforms are popular sources for raising money for various causes. These causes can range from paying for sick animals' hospital bills to raising funds to cover a friends' college tuition. Often, online crowdfunding methods have come to represent the social and political climate, as those who are personally or tangentially affected by what they see in the news turn to crowdfunding as an opportunity to help others. With the recent crisis in Ukraine, many have looked to crowdfunding as a means of helping those across the world.

The objective of this project is to use web scraping techniques to retrieve data from projects related to Ukraine on crowdfunding websites. After doing so, the goal will be to determine through various methods what factors play a role in donations to the Ukraine crisis.

Work Log

Day Description
6/1: Talk and Working on Script
  • Talk on Good Research Practices and Keeping Logs
  • Spent time learning about and installing necessary packages
  • Worked on web scraping script
  • Worked on log
6/2: Working on Script and Mentor Meeting
  • Continued working on scraping data
  • Met with mentor
  • Worked on setting up environment
6/3: Working on Script
  • Continued working on script
6/4: RCR Training and Script
  • Attended RCR Training
  • Continued working on script
6/7: Mentor Meeting and Script
  • Discussed progress with mentor
  • Continued working on script
6/8: Script and Talk on Technical Writing
  • Attended talk about technical writing
  • Continued working on script
6/9: Finalizing Script and Mentor Meeting
  • Met with mentor, discussed literature review, possible future analysis, and finalization of script
  • Worked on last pieces of script, ran script on all data
6/10: Collecting additional data
  • Collected additional data that could not be collected via script
6/13: Cleaning Data
  • Cleaning Data
6/14: Cleaning Data and Meeting with Mentor
  • Continuing to clean data
  • Met with mentor and discussed locating relevant literature
6/15: Finding Papers about ML/Crowdfunding and Research Talk
  • Research Presentation by Dr.Madiraju
  • Worked on collecting and reading papers that used machine learning techniques to examine crowdfunding
6/16: Meeting with Mentor and Working on Data Visualizations
  • Discussed potential data visualizations and mini presentation with mentor
  • Started to get familiar with Tableau, and worked on map making
6/17: Working on Data Visualizations
  • Started working in Jupyter Notebook, installed and began trying to make pairs plots
  • Continued working on creating maps, figured out how to group data by country using a mix of Excel and Tableau
6/20: Working on Data Visualizations
  • Continued working on data visualizations in tableau and Jupyter Notebook
  • Worked on fitting simple linear models