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Week 1: June 1st, 2021

Tuesday (6/1/21)

  • Attended introduction meeting on an introduction to data science

Wednesday (6/2/21)

  • Attended introduction meeting on an introduction to data science pt2

Thursday (6/3/21)

  • Started working on Bash script rework(not to be confused with via main TABOT) [.5hr]
  • Gathered information on React and Python API's [1hr]
  • Took notes from Dr. Brylows lecture on good research practices.[1hr]
  • Team meeting/lunch [2.5hr]
  • added the main TABOT page on the wiki[2hr]

Friday (6/4/21)

  • Looked into React development[2hr]
  • Brainstormed the Admin portal[1hr]
  • Started roadmap of necessities vs stretch goals[1hr]
  • Meeting with Dr. Brylow where project specifications were discussed about the logistics of hosting TABOT on Morbious or a VM[2.5hr]
  • Started documenting and reading Automated Data-Driven Hint Generation for Learning Programming(Kelly Rivers) [2hr]

Week 2: June 7th, 2021

Monday (6/7/21)

  • Meeting with Dr. Brylow on Ethics of research[5.5hr]
  • Continued work on Kelly Rivers thesis review [2hr]

Tuesday (6/8/21)

  • reviewed goals for AutoTA[1hr]
  • Set up Local testing environment for Flask[.5hr]
  • Redesigned TABOT output to be formatted in JSON[3.5hrs]
  • Created local testing environment for TABOT[.5hr]
  • Modified TABOT to run on python2 for testing(Python3 testing has to wait until a system update)[1hr]
  • Edited menu and reworked upload page[.5hr]

Wednesday (6/9/21)

  • REU meeting on how to write a paper[1hr]
  • Work on formatting json from tabot output[2hr]
  • Meeting with Dr. Brylow on imaging a VM to ubuntu 20.4 for server hosting[1.5hr]
  • Setting up server, installing pylint,python,NGINX...etc [1.5hr]
  • additional changes to and to be more inline with project goals[1hr]
  • Python research on the feasibility of command line argument passing from scripts[1.5hr]

Thursday (6/10/21)

  • Worked on and scripts[3hr]
  • Worked on branching rules that our github will follow for the rest of the summer[.5hr]
  • cleaned up existing branches [.5hr]
  • added features to the UI[2hr]
  • Meeting with Dr. Brylow and the team [2hr]

Friday (6/11/21)

  • added JWT which allows us the ability to maintain user state
  • Worked on bash scripts and created a framework that allows us the ability to save past all past student submissions in an archive folder

Week 3: June 14th, 2021

Monday (6/14/21)

  • created archive folder
  • undid changes to
  • added formatting to ui output
  • added linting output as a place holder in the UI
  • did other small cosmetic changes to UI

Tuesday (6/15/21)

  • added icons to UI depending on pylint output
  • added help messages that displays the key for the UI
  • cleaned up some number highlighting issues
  • Started first steps of running the API on Scarif, the VM that was created to host our server

Wednesday (6/16/21)

  • attended update meeting[1hr]
  • worked on underlying structure of VM [2hr]
  • setup pipelines for automatic pushes to VM when commits are made to main branch[2hr]
  • Worked on misc small fixes[2hr]

Thursday (6/17/21)

  • Finally found a solution to the PAM(authentication) issues[2.5hrs]
  • Meeting with Dr. Brylow and the team[2hr]
  • Large scale security changes made to the VM in order to better secure the system[3hr]

Friday (6/18/21)

  • Continued to make changes to better secure the backed environment.