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(Week 2:)
(Week 2:)
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*Attended REU Lifestyle Medicine meetup
*Attended REU Lifestyle Medicine meetup
'''Thursday (6/10)'''
'''Thursday (6/10)'''
*Completed Biomedical Research Modules through CITI
*Started RCR Session 2 of CITI
'''Friday (6/11)'''
'''Friday (6/11)'''

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About me

My name is Jennifer Sailor. I am a senior at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Data Science and a Minor in Mathematics. My mentors are Ms. Olga Kozlova & Dr. Praveen Madiraju for the Summer 2021 REU. The research topic is Predict Likelihood of Completion for Future Lifestyle Medicine Program.

Work Log (2021)

Week 1:

Tuesday (6/1)

  • Meet with REU students and mentors
  • Attend REU Orientation
  • Attend Data Science Boot Camp Day 1 by Dr. Praveen Madiraju

Wednesday (6/2)

  • Attend Data Science Boot Camp Day 2 by Dr. Praveen Madiraju
    • NLP Introduction by John Fields
  • Discussed the project with mentor Dr. Praveen Madiraju

Thursday (6/3)

  • Attended Talk on Good Research Practice by Dr. Dennis Brylow
  • Learned about Wiki and updated my Summer 2021 project and my page
  • Set milestones and goals for the project duration
  • Consolidated question for a future meeting on the project
  • Started research

Friday (6/4)

  • Studied literature focusing on the results of Lifestyle Medicine with prevention of target conditions

Week 2:

Monday (6/7)

  • Attended Part 1 of Responsible Conduct of Research
  • Looked over previously studied literature for further analysis

Tuesday (6/8)

  • Researched literature focusing on the implementation of Lifestyle Medicine Programs
    • The cost, percent completion of the program, and effectiveness of the program.
  • Attended Data Lab Research Meeting
    • will need to start CITI modules
    • and start doing some comparisons of the research I have found thus far.

Wednesday (6/9)

  • Attended REU Group Meeting
    • Technical Writing Presentation by Dr. Dennis Brylow
  • Completed RCR Session 1 of CITI
  • Started Biomedical Research Modules through CITI
  • Attended REU Lifestyle Medicine meetup

Thursday (6/10)

  • Completed Biomedical Research Modules through CITI
  • Started RCR Session 2 of CITI

Friday (6/11)

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