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About Me

My name is John Austin. I am a Junior triple majoring in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Theology. Currently I am working on the Embedded XINU Operating System under Dr. Dennis Brylow.

REU 2020 Weekly Logs

Week 1:

  • Orientation
  • Went over what to expect from REU
  • Bootcamp
  • Overview of different Data Science and Machine Learning Concepts
  • Met with XINU team daily
  • Figured out project
  • Began initial research into past papers written on XINU and reading up on xV6 o/s to brainstorm how to overhaul current concurrency system
  • Started Research training

Week 2:

  • Met with XINU team frequently
  • Read about Xv6 O/S used at MIT
  • Read about PortOS used at Cornell University
  • Research Training with Dr. Brylow
  • Online RCR Training
  • Technical Writing Seminar with Dr. Brylow and Dr. Praveen
  • Debugged Issue with multi-core functionality in XINU
  • Went on ACM and tried to find related work for our specific field (there isn't much in our sphere, however it was still useful nevertheless)
  • Checked out potential new O/S book for Marquette Operating Systems Course (COSC 3250)

Week 3

  • Met with XINU team Monday to check in
  • Spent majority of time trying to debug/figure out how to test genuine multi-core message passing which took up the majority of the week
  • Finished (at least I believe so) multi-core message passing
  • Check-in with Dr. Brylow and Dr. Praveen
  • Read Research Paper on Wait-Free Synchronization
  • Set up GitHub in my local directory on Morbius
  • Discussion on Wait-Free Paper with Team XINU on Thursday

Week 4

  • Implemented Working Multi-Core Message Passing System into XINU
  • Read up on DFixer Algorithm
  • Started on Mini-Presentation
  • Discussed with Team XINU how to add more atomic functions to XINU
  • Check in with Dr. Brylow and Dr. Praveen
  • Bug Fixing on Message Passing System (There is still potential for an inconsistent system view)

Week 5

  • Finished Multi-Core Message Passing System for XINU
  • Read Data Science Paper
  • Read Updated xv6 O/S Textbook
  • Finished Check-In Presentation (Took Up most of Monday and Tuesday)
  • Gave Presentation on Wednesday
  • Began Working on Editing the Clock Timer to only run on Core 0

Week 6

  • Researched Basics of Networking for future work in XINU
  • Brylow gave talk on Networks and Internets to Team XINU
  • Dr. Zimmer's Talk on Data Privacy
  • Student Check-in
  • Read Research Paper on mTCP
  • Assigned new task to start looking into: Implement all of Pthreads Library
  • Looked into Pthreads
  • Began Writing Research Paper and Learning LaTex
  • Began Revising and Ironing out testing for Message Passing

Week 6

  • Weekly Check-In
  • 2 Meetings with Team XINU
  • Continued to work on Research Paper Intro
  • Double Checked/Looked for Research in my area
  • Fixed Bugs in Message Passing System
  • Testing Implemented for my additions

Week 7

  • Weekly Check-In
  • 2 Meetings with Team Xinu
  • Debugged Multicore Issues with Test cases
  • Weekly Check in

Week 8

  • Finished Edits to Inter-Core Communication System
  • 2 Meetings with Team Xinu
  • Continued to Explore ways to Test Multicore Functionality
  • Began Work on Research Paper

Week 9

  • Finished Research Paper
  • Fixed Testing System
  • Began Working on Poster
  • Began Working on Formal Presentation

Week 10

  • Finished Poster
  • Finished Presentation
  • Edited Draft of Paper
  • Gave Formal Presentation
  • Poster Event
  • Final Meeting with Team Xinu
  • Filled Out Survey at the End