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Personal Info

Julia Beilke is a mathematics and computer science major at Marquette University.


Week 1(5/31-6/3)

  • Attended MSCS REU orientation.
  • Met with mentor, Dr. Kim Factor, to discuss project details.
  • Worked with Joel Miller to begin finding algorithms for a shortest path on k=3 spaces.

Week 2(6/6-6/10)

  • Attended a talk by Dr. Brylow about how to give a good research talk and what goes into a proper research paper
  • Examined the k=3 case in the distance problem using graph theory distances
  • Started to learn how to use LaTeX and typed up a proof with Joel Miller

Week 3(6/13-6/17)

  • Attended responsible conduct training with Dr. Brylow
  • Attended an instructional session on using LaTeX with Dr. Corliss

Week 4(6/20-6/24)

  • Finished writing a program to print optimal paths, greedy paths and their lengths
  • Began to examine cases in which the greedy path was optimal and when it wasn't