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About Me

I am a senior from Marquette University graduating August 2011 with a BS in Computer Science.

Time Log

May 31

REU orientation day

I have been oriented and know which way is up.

June 1

Weekly lab group meeting for individual progress reports.

Met with Dr Brylow to discuss some of the finer details of what I should be working on.

June 2

Experimented and familiarized myself with the XINU network stack.

Read bug reports relating to the network stack.

Met with Dr. Brylow to discuss and set milestones for our project.

June 3

Completed a graphic map of the network stack.[[1]]

Created the project page on the wiki. [[2]]

Created milestones.

June 7

  • Weekly lab group meeting
  • Started a high level documentation of the XINU network stack.
  • Created a dead simple echo server/client to demonstrate the UDP networking features.

June 8

  • Finished the UDP echo client/server example
  • Wrote UDP documentation
  • Started work on the TCP example
  • Set up an account on the XINU wiki and added a new networking section [[3]]

June 9

  • Added documentation to the XINU wiki for TCP[[4]], UDP [[5]], ARP [[6]], and Routing [[7]]
  • Created an example program for sending and receiving messages over TCP[[8]]

July 18

  • Tested maximum transmission rates over UDP.

July 19

  • Did a statistical analysis of the effect of packet buffer pool size on networking performance.
  • Standard lab meeting. Presented findings on max throughput testing and buffer size.

July 20

  • Refactored testing functions and made them into shell commands.
  • Bad Sci-fi night!