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Kaleb Breault

Personal Info

Kaleb Breault is an undergraduate student at Marquette University in the class of 2014. He is majoring in Computer Science with minors in Philosophy and Math. He does fun things sometimes, but other times he doesn't.

Contact Information

  • eMail:
  • skype: sarge491
  • GitHub: KalebBreault
  • gmail:

Research Objectives and Milestones

Research Questions

SimSYS Game Development Platform for Serious Educational Games research and development course project. This course involves the specification, design, implementation, testing, and demonstration of an Intelligent Semi-Automated Game Generation Module. The students will develop and maintain requirements, architecture and detailed design, implementation, test cases, and traceability relationships in a distributed team environment. Best practices in software engineering will be applied.

  • Apply requirements engineering techniques.
  • Realize the requirements with design (architecture, component) techniques
  • Realize the design with programming techniques
  • Ensure the quality of the artifacts (models, code) with SQA techniques
  • Apply project management techniques
  • Apply configuration management techniques

Milestones/Weekly Plan

Week 1:

  • Completely enrolled in the REU program (filled out paperwork)
  • Read backgrounds in many of the standards the project uses
  • First came into contact with code from project.

Week 2:

  • background/review SE reading on architecture, design, UML
  • understanding of the SimSYS project
  • understanding of a SimSYS game
  • understanding of the current game generation tool
  • begin working as a team

Week 3:

  • Installed and configured GitHUB repository and Visual Paradigm.
  • Lost another Teammate
  • Searched for intelligent search/decision algorithm
  • Decided on AHP and searched for implemented library

Week 4:

  • Created a list of storyboards to be further developed into games.
  • Explored Fuzzy Logic and possible libraries of it
  • Explored how to implement Metadata

Week 5:

  • Implemented the metadata as text files
  • Prepared for mini-talks/presentations
  • Developed 2 more games for the repository

Week 6:

  • Developed 3 more games for the repository
  • Implemented basic AHP algorithm with text file inputs

Week 7:

  • Changed text file inputs for user input to XML files
  • made 10 test cases of input XML files
  • Changed text file inputs for Metadata to XML files
  • Remade the Metadata repository in XML format.

Week 8:

  • Created GUI interface for input selection
  • Worked on Technical Report for a future conference.

Week 9:

  • Started working on poster and presentation for final week.
  • Tweaked and finished GUI interface and clarified code

Week 10:

  • Worked on Poster, Presentation and Technical Report.

Weekly Log

Week I


  • Filed copious amounts of paperwork. (incorrectly)
  • Took a tour of campus
  • Ate lunch with Dr. Brylow & Team Xinu
  • Got parking pass
  • Took Pre-REU survey
  • Lost Flip Flop in lab


  • Library media orientation.
  • Fixed incorrect paperwork
  • Met with REU Mentor for the first time
  • Lunch with Team XINU
  • Read research articles about the project
  • Sent previous work to Mentor


  • Received advice from Mentor about what to research and study for background information
  • Became more familiar with the swing and jaxb libraries
  • Lunch with REU group and attended talk "Good Research Practices and the Art of Keeping Logs"
  • Did further reading about the project.
  • Re-read "Code Conventions for the Java Programming Language" for enhanced clarity about niche cases.


  • Did further research on Concurrent Extended Finite State Machines.
  • Started reading the java source code and understanding the existing setup

Week II


  • Started reading the textbook, "Software-Engineering A Practitioners Approach 7th Ed." by Roger S. Pressman
  • Skipped Lunch
  • Started reading the GameRequirements literature


  • First Skype meeting. Introduced the group and got contact information.
  • Watched and shared GitHub tutorials
  • Attended Corliss lunch meeting on Citing Sources and LaTex
  • Worked on "Homework 1"


  • Continued work on "Homework 1"
  • Further researched different architecture styles
  • Lunch with Team Xinu
  • Started reading the "IntSemi-AutomatedGameGenerationComponent" source code and began exploring overall structure and layout.


  • Completed Homework 1
  • Further reading and understanding of the tool.
  • Working Lunch


  • Installed Visual studio and ran the C# tool.
  • Worked with the tool to create a few test games.
  • Collaborated with teammates in Texas about the project via skype.
  • attended REU tailgate and Brewers game.

Week III


  • Researched and read up on artificial intelligence searches such as A* IDA* etc.
  • skipped lunch =(


  • Morning Meeting with Team to discuss Assignment 1 and answer questions about assignment 2
  • Began search for Intelligent variable search algorithms.
  • "What Makes a Good Research Talk / Paper" presentation by Dr. Brylow


  • ~Sick~
  • Continued algorithm search from home.


  • Created Git Repository for team and committed relevant dropbox data
  • Working Lunch: Example research presentation.
  • searched for AHP Java Library
  • continued search for other alternatives to AHP.


  • Assisted teammates with establishing connection to the GitHUB repository
  • Installed and configured Visual Paradigm for UML creation.
  • Finished Assignment 2

End of daily log

  • At this point I felt I was spending too much time updating this log while my time was better spent actually working on the project. In addition daily details have proven to be useless when dealing with this type of research.
  • Found missing Flip-Flop. It was pushed way under/behind the couch.