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Week 1:

- Read portions from various tcp/ip books regarding telnet implementation
- Wrote telnet header and began implimentation of telnet as a device

Week 2:

- Entered TELNET as a new device in xinu.conf
- Wrote shell cmd code to start telnet server
- Wrote telnetOpen.c telnetInit.c and telnetWrite.c

Week 3:

 - Read paper on Factored Operating System
 - Wrote review of the paper
 - Meeting
 - cleaned up telnetWrite bugs and wrote a dummy telnetPutc which calls telnetWrite
 - wrote a temporary dummy telnetRead for testing purposes
 - redirect telnet input to come from the 2nd serial port for isolated testing of telnetWrite
 - wrote telnetControl and added a control function which flushes the buffer
 - added a loop which periodically calls the flush control function 
   (allows lines not terminated by a newline to appear normally)
 - Meeting
 - filled in Telnet acm wiki page
 - replaced dummy telnetRead function with the real one
 - debugged telnet server using the standard BSD telnet on linux
 - fixed option code negotiation bugs in telnetRead
   The server now effectively responds to option negotiations
   resulting in a nearly transparent working environment to end users
 - created new shell command "telnetserver" which runs backgrounded
 - wrote telnetClose function
 - cleaned up telnetPutc 
 - wrote telnetGetc function

Week 4:

 - read paper on FPGA pointer based data structure acceleration
 - wrote review of paper
 - fix an EOL bug in telnetWrite
 - modified telnetserver shell cmd so it opens NET0 by default when telnetd is launched
 - fix bug that allowed multiple servers to run on the same port
 - setup telnet to end the connection when "exit" cmd or ctrl-d are sent
 - moved telnet's flush function from telnetControl into its own file
 - moved flush calls from the telnetserver shell cmd to the top of the telnetRead
   function which results in smoother output when the enter key is rapidly pressed
 - meeting on FPGA paper
 - fix minor bugs caused by httpd merge
 - rewrote a part of telnetWrite to fix line buffering
 - read paper on memory protection for embedded operating systems
 - meeting
 - setup new linux workstation
 - familiarized myself with the safemem code