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Week 1: May 28 - May 31
Had orientation and met other REU students.
Began researching the raspberry pi 1 version of the framebuffer.
I got the graphical shell working on the raspberry pi 1.
Unfortunately, we ran into an issue where we could compile the kernel, but the kernel didn't link due to missing ARM opcodes in the trig and turtle libraries in the raspberry pi 3 B+ version of Xinu.
Thankfully, we found the issue to be that we didn't enable the FPU (Floating-Point Unit) and use the proper ABI (Application Binary Interface) version. This resolved our linking issue.
Week 2: June 3 - June 7
Read past papers on Xinu research.
Finished implementing the graphics driver, added support for colors in the shell, and fixed issues with the minishell displaying under the turtle sandbox window.
Began looking through existing shell documentation in preparation for building a tmux-style program for displaying multiple shell windows.
Successfully implemented a system of abstraction whereby the user can spawn and kill multiple discrete shell processes.
More investigation is being done into devising an abstraction for allowing each shell to be treated as a separate output device.
Week 3: June 10 - June 14