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Weekly Logs

Week 1 (06/01/21 - 06/04/21)

  • Orientation & data science boot camp
  • Read through K-12 computer science ed. landscape reports from other states, and identify methods that could be effective for our analysis
  • Explore other related research in the state of Wisconsin
  • Create Wiki for project assignment

Week 2 (06/07/21 - 06/11/21)

  • RCR training session
  • Meet the team!
  • Practice with pandas and familiarize myself with the data we'll be working with
  • Compare Microsoft TEALS data with DPI data

Week 3 (06/14/21 - 06/18/21)

  • Begin to compile a list of schools that we think teach CS using data from DPI, College Board AP, and Microsoft TEALS data
  • has done similar research on a national scale, look into their methodology and how their numbers for Wisconsin compare to ours

Week 4 (06/21/21 - 06/25/21)

  •'s reported number of Wisconsin high schools teaching CS is far different than our estimate. Why is this?
  • Try to recreate's methodology using our data and see if we get similar results - this could help us identify any flaws in our process

Week 5 (06/28/21 - 07/02/21)

  • Defining a list of Wisconsin high schools that should be counted in our report proving to be more difficult than anticipated - we need to agree on the best method to determine which high schools should be counted