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Personal Info

Michael Baker is a Computer Science major attending Saint Cloud State University in Saint Cloud, Minnesota.

Research Topic

Game Engine for Serious Educational Games

Weekly Log

Week of 5/30 - 6/03

  • Orientation and discussion of project options
  • Assignment of SimSYS project
  • Library Orientation and presentation on researching in databases
  • Meeting with Dr. Brylow and Dr. Longstreet
  • Read Meta-model paper and VLC Paper for SimSYS Project
  • Wrote summaries on both papers
  • Video Conference with Dr. Cooper(Project lead)
  • Got the code for SimSYS from Github. Able to open it in Eclipse and run parts of it. Learned that the preview tool mostly works as we can preview one of the test cases.
  • Only one game is working, or can be previewed at least.
  • There are some syntax errors in the wizard as well as some other places in the project.
  • Got access to the Dropbox from Dr. Cooper.

Week of 6/06 - 6/10

Read through the SimSYS Game Specifications published by Dr. Cooper and Dr. Longstreet

Week of 6/13 - 6/17

Week of 6/20 - 6/24

Week of 6/27 - 7/01

Week of 7/04 - 7/08

Week of 7/11 - 7/15

Week of 7/18 - 7/22

Week of 7/25 - 7/29

Week of 8/01 - 8/05