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Personal Info

Michael Baker is a Computer Science major attending Saint Cloud State University in Saint Cloud, Minnesota.

Research Topic


Weekly Log

Week of 5/30 - 6/03

  • Orientation and discussion of project options.
  • Assignment of SimSYS project.
  • Library Orientation and presentation on researching in databases.
  • Meeting with Dr. Brylow and Dr. Longstreet.
  • Read Meta-model paper and VLC Paper for SimSYS Project and wrote summaries for both papers.
  • Video Conference with Dr. Cooper(Project lead).
  • Got the code for SimSYS from Github. Able to open it in Eclipse and run parts of it. Learned that the preview tool mostly works as we can preview one of the test cases.
  • Only one game is working, or can be previewed at least.
  • There are some syntax errors in the wizard as well as some other places in the project.
  • Got access to the Dropbox from Dr. Cooper.

Week of 6/06 - 6/10

  • Read through the SimSYS Game Specifications published by Dr. Cooper and Dr. Longstreet.
  • Did research on Learning Analytics. Read some papers published on learning analytics and how it relates to serious educational games.
  • Mid-week check-in meeting with Dr. Cooper to discuss SimSYS.
  • Resolved syntax errors in the code.
  • Worked on code refactoring, especially in the Wizard.
  • Working towards verifying test cases 1-6 against the new schema and getting them to load in the preview tool.
  • Approximately half of the test games have been updated to the new schema and are functioning in the preview tool.
  • Week 2 Check-in meeting with Dr. Brylow and Dr. Longstreet.

Week of 6/13 - 6/17

  • Finished verifying test games 1-6 against new schema. Also validated "StudyGame."
  • Responsible Conduct of Research Training.
  • Read grammatical evolution paper and discussed how ideas in that paper might be abstracted to work with SimSYS.

Week of 6/20 - 6/24

  • Met with Dr. Corliss and group several times throughout the week.
  • Re-flashed demo application onto TI-TM4C launchpad and got it to run.
  • Watched TI-RTOS workshop tutorial video 1-8 and did labs 1,2,4 and 5 (no lab for 3).
  • Started looking at C code in TI-RTOS.
  • Got more familiar with Git and Github.

Week of 6/27 - 7/01

  • Met with Dr. Corliss and group several times throughout the week.
  • Additional research into external testing.
  • Worked on timing of the LED on launchpad to help better understand how timing will work on satellite functions.
  • Lots of background knowledge learning.
  • Worked on talking to Gyroscope and will attempt to retrieve information from it in next step.
  • Prepared for REU presentations.
  • Attended REU presentations and presented my topic.

Week of 7/04 - 7/08

  • Met with Dr. Corliss and group several times throughout the week.
  • Finished reading about and taking notes on shock, vibration and bakeout testing.
  • Fixed many issues with syntax of gyroscope code. Got program to compile.
  • Dr. Corliss and I ran into a roadblock with Code Composer Studio. Technical problems with both the computers and the IDE.
  • Read about the Day in the Life testing.

Week of 7/11 - 7/15

  • Met with group and Dr. Corliss several times throughout the week.
  • Successfully got external led to blink. Next step is trying to do a similar thing with burn wire.
  • Made some progress on gyroscope code. Learned that pin configuration was not correct.
  • Started thinking about what to put on poster/ in the paper.
  • Planning to meet with Dr. Brylow again to map out pin configurations for all devices and devise a plan to be able to easily map the configurations to the new board for the final flight software.

Week of 7/18 - 7/22

  • Attended Monday meeting with Dr. Corliss and group.
  • Made some progress on Gyroscope code. Got it to successfully compile by rewriting code to work with the correct I2C port, resolving the errors that were previously there.
  • Made progress on burn wire software prototype. Have LED successfully starting in off state and blinking for desired time. Future progress will involve actually attempting to burn wire with real CDH board.
  • Spent a good deal of time working on poster.
  • Turned in poster on Friday.

Week of 7/25 - 7/29

  • Attended weekly meetings with Dr. Corliss and group.
  • Successfully communicated with gyroscope.
  • Started working on writing research paper.
  • Started work on final presentation.
  • Attended poster session.

Week of 8/01 - 8/05

  • Finished preparing presentation.
  • Finished writing my paper.
  • Attended presentations on Wednesday and gave my formal talk.
  • Attended presentations on Thursday.
  • Got paper looked over by Dr. Corliss and turned in paper.
  • Attended meeting with Dr. Corliss on Friday and group meeting later on Friday.