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Ryan Berg

Daily Work Updates

Week of May 18th

-Monday, May 18th: attended 2:00 meeting and discussed my summer goals. Signed up on wiki and subversion sites, downloaded xinu trunk and webserver branch. Read through code.

-Tuesday, May 19th: Modified some code in xsh_webserver.c file and learned more about the webserver file. Used telnet and web browser to send GET requests to the backend. Read about HTTP/1.1

-Wednesday, May 20th: Read about HTTP/1.1 some more with focus on status codes. Retrieved header information from different servers for different status codes to know what headers xsh_webserver should supply in different conditions.

-Thursday, May 21st: Attended meeting, began design of error response handling function on xsh_webserver.c

-Friday, May 22nd: Took the day off.

Week of May 25th

-Monday, May 25th: No XINU on Memorial Day.

-Tuesday, May 26th: Did not come to work due to illness.

-Wednesday, May 27th: Finished error response handling function on xsh_webserver.c, went home early due to illness.

-Thursday, May 28th: Participated in XINU group meeting, started reading the Network Systems Design textbook. Learned about the goals, ideas, and general topics of the book and I reviewed protocols and packet formats.

-Friday, May 29th: Continued reading the Network Systems Design textbook. There has not been a lot of information about resource conservation/efficiency in systems with network processors (i.e. decrease voltage to processor when there is little workload to conserve power and produce less heat).

Week of June 1st

-Monday, June 1st: Read the paper, "Factored Operating Systems (fos): The Case for a Scalable Operating System for Multicores" and wrote a review. Learned about NIC cards and buses from the textbook.

-Tuesday, June 2nd: Continued reading the textbook. Learned about basic packet processing from the textbook. Regrettably, some of the information was over my head.

-Wednesday, June 3rd: Added HTTP definitions in HTTP.h and fixed an error in my xsh_webserver.c code. Downloaded the NepSim network processor simulator and read through documentation.

-Thursday, June 4th: Participated in group meeting, spent the rest of the time trying to figure out how to run NepSim. So far I'm not able to run the program without it quitting with an error.

-Friday, June 5th: Out of town.

Week of June 8th

-Monday, June 8th: Out of town.

-Tuesday, June 9th: Out of town.

-Wednesday, June 10th: Started back in on the textbook. I reworked some things in xsh_webserver.c and added minor details like length calculations for error codes to http.h

-Thursday, June 11th: Helped Adam move error checking into httpRead.c. Filled in a couple of TODOs in httpRead.c and did some testing (and more length calculations.. learned that "/r" == 1 character and not two).

-Friday, June 12th: Read from the textbook, finally fixed length calculations by getting the backend to print out what the length should be instead of doing it by hand and then hardcoding that value in struct httperror in httpInit.c.

Week of June 15th:

-Monday, June 15th: Read "Dingo: Taming Device Drivers" and typed up a report. Familiarized myself with a few more webserver related .c files

-Tuesday, June 16th: Tried to figure out the problem with extra newlines in webserver shell command output.. unsuccessfully. Filled in a couple of Adam's TODOs, and participated in pizza & meeting.

-Wednesday, June 17th: Tried some more to figure out the extra newline problem. I tried a lot of different things and I tried adding printouts to see where the newline gets stuck in but could not figure out how to solve the problem.

-Thursday, June 18th: Decided that the "/r/n"s in httpWrite.c are all necessary in order to adhere to HTTP's standards of communication, and that the problem exists elsewhere. Modified http.h to change bool values in struct http to control flags instead. Changed every reference to these bool values to be compatible with control flags.

-Friday, June 19th: Took the day off.

Week of June 22nd

-Monday, June 22nd: Took the day off.

-Tuesday, June 23rd: Read article, wrote report. Mike figured out that the problem with nepsim is that I was running it on a 64 bit machine instead of a 32 bit, so I ran it on Telos and sifted through its enormous output file.

-Wednesday, June 24th: Read from textbook.

-Thursday, June 25th: Participated in CS:Unplugged. Began troubleshooting multiple connection problem.

-Friday, June 26th:

Week of June 29th

-Monday, June 29th: Read "Mindstorms Without Robotics.." paper and wrote a review. Fixed a bug with Mike in tcpDemux.c- there could not be multiple connections on the same local port because of the bug.

-Tuesday, June 30th: Tried to fix compatibility error found between elinks and out http server. Participated in pizza & paper discussion etc.

-Wednesday, July 1st: Continued working on compatibility error. Found more problems to fix. Still unable to load some pages without "Bad http response" error.

-Thursday, July 2nd: Presentation day. Afterwards, worked with Mike and Aaron to find out why elinks is being fussy with the web interface.

-Friday, July 3rd: Took the day off.

Week of July 6th

-Monday, July 6th: Took the day off.

-Tuesday, July 7th: Took the day off.

-Wednesday, July 8th: Searched for a paper to present to XINU. Found an interesting paper on augmented reality in mobile phones. Found a bug in httpWrite.c and Adam fixed it - a chunk of length 0 was being written before the HTML page was transferred (chunk of size 0 means that the server is done transmitting data).

-Thursday, July 9th: Went to staff meeting. Read most of the paper on augmented reality in mobile phones.

-Friday, July 10th: Tried to fix my cell phone with a soldering iron. It almost worked.

Week of July 13th

-Monday, July 13th: Read in the textbook. I skipped some of the not-so-relevant material to read more about the actual network processor.

-Tuesday, July 14th: Finished reading paper, wrote review, participated in review.

-Wednesday, July 15th: Read through HTTP files since Adam broke httpRead down into several smaller files.

-Thursday, July 16th: Continued reading in textbook.

-Friday, July 17th: Took the day off.

Week of July 20th

-Monday, July 20th: Modified httpRead/filled in TODOs so that if malloc fails, it returns an internal server error (HTML page).

-Tuesday, July 21st: Read article, wrote review, and participated in meeting.

-Wednesday, July 22nd: Read a little bit from textbook, read most of the paper Dr. Ge sent me, worked on a bug in tcpClose

-Thursday, July 23rd: Found out that tcpClose freezes on a wait call by using fprintfs, enjoyed Jamison's daredevil antics, and finished reading the paper from Dr. Ge.

-Friday, July 24th: Took the day off.

Week of July 27th

-Monday, July 27th: Soldered a JTAG on Mandragora, started reading Tuesday's article. Tried but was unable to reproduce the the bug I was looking at on the 22nd and 23rd on Adam's more recent code. I guess it's fixed?

-Tuesday, July 28th: Finished reading tuesday's article, began writing review. participated in pizza/meeting.

-Wednesday, July 29th: Finished writing my review. Looked for a guide online about how to write code for the processing units on nepsim. Found some documentation on how to do it for nepsim2 so I downloaded nepsim2 and after mike's help and sorting through a lot of errors, I am now able to compile & run test cases (with a gui too!).

-Thursday, July 30th: Installed Intel SDK from the cd from the network processor textbook. Worked with Mike to try to start programming in the SDK but we could not figure out how to use it. Mike applied to download a current version of the SDK in hopes that it's usable.

-Friday, July 31: Took the day off.

Week of August 3rd

-Monday, August 3rd: Read Tuesday's paper, looked into microengine C but could not find a lot of information on coding in microC. http://www.arl.wustl.edu/~pcrowley/cse/561/IXA_SDK_Tutorial.html is one guide.

-Tuesday, August 4th: Wrote article for the paper, went home early to sell my macbook.

-Wednesday, August 5th: Worked on telnet review- went over code, took notes, asked mike questions.

-Thursday, August 6th: Continued telnet review, MSCS network maintenance.

-Friday, August 7th: Took the day off.

Week of August 10th

-Monday, August 10th: Took the day off to put together the computer i ordered.

-Tuesday, August 11th: Removed httpFlashOSPage.c from HTTPserver and associations to prepare for trunk release.

-Wednesday, August 12th: Began work on poster.

-Thursday, August 13th: Modified the HTTP configuration interface- Zachary helped me figure out how to dynamically make a dropdown menu in the middle of Adam's code.

-Friday, August 14th: Modified some HTMl code for aesthetics. Modified xsh_netup with Aaron's help to work with the new changes to the web interface. Modified the config interface to work with the netup changes, worked on poster.