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Personal Info

Rade Latinovich is a current student at Brookfield Central High School with interests in Computer Science.

Weekly Log

Week 1 (30 May - 4 June)

  • Downloaded a new cross-compiler toolchain (aarch64)
  • I was able to compile sample code found from, with new cross-compiler
  • Modified the sample code to turn on a LED
  • Downloaded simple and watered-down version of Xinu (homework tarball)
- Modified startup.S file in order to be able to boot on RPi3 (did not do anything, but it compiled, and LED turned on)

Week 2 (5 June - 9 June)

  • Started to narrow down on where the code is not working
- Made sure assembly code (start.S) was able to boot
- Then made sure the assembly code can branch to a C method, or some of our C code
  • We were able to make our kernel image boot at the default starting address, this removes the need for us to manually specify where the Pi should boot the image