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Personal Info

Born and raised in Colorado Springs currently attending Coe College studying mathematics, computer science, and economics.

Week 1

  • REU orientation
  • Meetings with Dr. Corliss to get introduced to GasDay Lab and discuss project
  • Read SuperForecasting by Philip Tetlock and Dan Gardner
  • wrote program to give example of when Brier test fails as a metric of forecasting ability
  • Completed MATLAB tutorial
  • Wrote simple MATLAB programs

Week 2

  • Received GasDay data collection orientation (oh the joys of real data....)
  • Got (somewhat) familiar with GasDay wiki as a resource
  • Worked on MATLAB coding and reviewed sample code from Dr. Corliss
  • Read up on metrics for scoring probabilistic forecasts
  • Read up on places probabilistic forecasts are used
  • Met with Dr. Corliss to get organized on project and summer goals
  • Attended Dr. Brylow's talk on what makes a good research talk

Week 3

  • Engaged in discussion and lecture on the metaphysics and practice of morality in the ever expanding domain of research (went through ethics training...)
  • Meetings with Dr. Corliss
  • Attended Dr. Corliss LaTex seminar
  • Read up on probabilistic forecasts
  • Read up on scoring metrics
  • Began writing paper to document work

Week 4

  • Meetings with Dr. Corliss
  • REU lunch
  • Read papers on probabilistic forecasting
  • Worked on MATLAB code for scoring metrics
  • Continued work on paper
  • Gave seminar talk at GasDay lab

Week 5

  • REU presentations
  • Worked on examples paper
  • Read papers on metrics
  • Read papers on examples
  • met with Dr. Corliss

Week 6

  • Made outline for Metrics paper
  • Began looking into uncertainty quantification
  • Set up interviews with Marquette faculty and grad students to hear about their research
  • Meetings with Dr. Corliss
  • Attended Dr. Brylows talk on grad school

Week 7

  • Interviewed Dr. Lin on uncertainty quantification
  • Interviewed Saber Mohammad on his graduate work on probabilistic forecasts
  • REU lunch and Dr. Factor's talk on making posters
  • Worked on writing/revising paper
  • Started working on metrics paper

Week 8

  • Meetings with Dr. Corliss
  • Studied proper scoring metrics
  • Edited examples paper
  • Worked on metrics paper
  • Looked into uncertainty quantification
  • Made poster for REU poster show

Week 9

  • Meetings with Dr. Colriss
  • Made and gave seminar presentation
  • Presented at REU poster show
  • REU lunch
  • worked on papers
  • looked into density forecasts