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About Me

My name is Sarah Logan and I am a rising senior at Siena College, which is located in upstate New York. I am majoring in Applied Data Science with a concentration in Biology. For the Summer 2020 REU at Marquette University, I am working on a project entitled "Ethical and Privacy Concerns with Suicide Risk Prediction Algorithms" with Dr. Michael Zimmer.

Work Log

Week 1

  • Attended REU Orientation
  • Mini Data Science Bootcamp
  • Attended good research practices talk by Dr. Brylow
  • Met with Dr. Zimmer to discuss planning of research goals and survey methodologies
  • Developed research questions
  • Began literature review of Big Data and data ethics
  • Read about factorial vignettes

Week 2

  • Responsible Conduct of Research Training with Dr. Brylow and Dr. Praveen
  • Completed CITI modules
  • Continued literature review of Big Data and data ethics
  • Looked at examples of surveys and how they analyzed their data
  • Met with Dr. Zimmer to discuss readings and survey logistics

Week 3

  • Examined the structure of previous privacy surveys and the accompanying data analysis
  • Explored the Qualtrics platform
  • Reviewed statistical analysis procedures
  • Researched articles related to online privacy concerns, privacy concerns in a healthcare setting, and privacy regulations
  • Wrote questions for our survey
  • Attended research talk by Dr. Praveen
  • Met with Dr. Zimmer to discuss survey questions
  • Revised survey questions

Week 4

  • Continued revising survey questions throughout the week
  • Read literature about different frameworks of understanding privacy
  • Met with Dr. Zimmer to discuss privacy readings and survey questions
  • Read literature about Big Data
  • Attended research talk by Dr. Bialkowski + REU group meeting
  • Entered survey questions into Qualtrics
  • Began working on mini presentation

Week 5

  • Made edits to the survey in Qualtrics
  • Met with Dr. Zimmer to discuss survey and presentation
  • REU group meeting on Good Presentations
  • Prepared for mini presentation
  • ESP/SPARK meeting
  • Attended and presented at the Mini Presentations REU meeting
  • Reviewed R
  • Examined data analysis of a previous survey conducted by Dr. Zimmer

Week 6

  • Presentation by Dr. Zimmer on data ethics
  • Set up outline for data analysis in Excel and R
  • Learned how to do cross tabs and chi square in R
  • REU group meeting on creating posters
  • Read more privacy articles
  • Completed paperwork for MGH
  • Researched articles about suicide prediction factors

Week 7

  • Started writing Methods section of paper
  • Survey Instrument
  • Data Collection
  • Data Analysis
  • Continued working on Excel spreadsheet and R script for data analysis
  • ESP/SPARK Meeting
  • REU Group meeting
  • Wrote down ideas for Introduction section
  • Reviewed some privacy articles to help with Introduction
  • Survey soft launch

Week 8

  • Used soft launch data to run through data analysis plan
  • Survey officially launched
  • Revised data analysis plan
  • Revised Methods and Introduction sections
  • REU Group meeting on graduate school
  • Reviewed data from survey to look for errors
  • Met with Dr. Zimmer to discuss survey data
  • Inputted frequency counts into Excel for every question