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Personal Information

My name is Trisha Handley. I am currently a senior at Alabama State University finishing up my B.S. degree in Mathematics. For this Summer 2015 research I had that chance to work with Dr. Kim Factor on Minimizing Total Distance in Sudoku Number Entry.

MSCS REU Summer 2015 Research

Minimizing Total Distance in Sudoku Number Theory


Week One: June 1-June 5, 2015

  • Attend orientations for REU program
  • Read "The Biology and Mathematics of Food Webs"
  • Attend weekly talk by Dr. Kim Factor
  • Start literature search on Graph Theory and applications to Sudoku

Week Two: June 8-June 12, 2015

  • Have meeting with mentor pertaining to literature search
  • Reading and interpreting "Introduction to Graph Theory" by Gary Chartrand and Ping Zhang
  • Participate in weekly talk given by Dr. Kim Factor
  • Meet with mentor to discuss the readings and ask questions
  • Begin finding the distances of same numbers on Sudoku grids.
  • Download LaTeX