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About me

My name is Wylie Frydrychowicz. I am a senior at Marquette University studying Computer Science and Business Administration. My mentor is Dr. Praveen Madiraju for the Summer 2020 REU. The research topic is Text Analytics for Predicting Crisis Events in Veterans.

Work Log (2020)

Week 1: 6/1

  • Learned about various topics in Data Science using the python programming language (Data Visualization, Pre-processing, Classification, and Machine Learning)
  • Learned about good research practices, including recording logs
  • Met with my mentor to talk about the research project
  • Worked on programming Feedback activity

Week 2: 6/8

  • Implemented Feedback activity into android and iOS apps
  • Edited a PHP file to save the feedback data in the database
  • Made new table in database for the data
  • Met with mentor and peers to talk about both apps

Week 3: 6/15

  • Started looking into different group messaging platforms with APIs
  • Started reading literature about creating/using a group message system
  • Learned about the SMOTE technique for imbalanced data in ML
  • Completed RCR training
  • Updated iOS and Android app on each app store

Week 4: 6/22

  • Looked into various group message systems
  • Looked into Firebase cloud messaging for notifications
  • Setup a Facebook Messenger webhook
  • Met with mentor and group
  • Troubleshot the app with a peer
  • Learned about Dr. Walter Bialkowski's research

Week 5: 6/29

  • Listened to Dr. Brylow give talk about good presentations
  • Made presentation on research/work done so far
  • Gave presentation and listened to peers presentations
  • Continued looking into Facebook Messenger API
  • Started reading Text Analytics with Python
  • Met with mentor and various peers throughout the week

Week 6: 7/6

Week 7: 7/13

Week 8: 7/20

Week 9: 7/27

Week 10: 8/3