DDream: Universal Human Vital Signs Identification

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Title : dDream: Universal Human Vital Signs Identification Mentor : Dr. Iqbal Ahamed

Accurate and valid health information is crucial for effective medical management. Failure to collect adequate information from physical and mental health examinations can be a barrier to Virtual medical platforms and telemedicine. In this project, we propose the non-invasive "dDream" project prototype to monitor and record heart rate (HR), heart rate-variation (HRV) (for physical health), and stress (for mental health) using only a smart-phone. This non-invasive mobile application, "dDream” uses the front camera to capture video to calculate HR-HRV and stress. The full "dDream" project encompasses our previous facial video HR-HRV and stress work. We have also compared our proposed "dDream" project with 39 works in this area. We found a significant positive difference between our proposed "dDream" project compared to other projects in respect to user accessibility, application, cost-effectiveness, hospitalization monitoring, and human health status. Furthermore, we can apply "dDream" in remote human health monitoring, driver monitoring, and creating vital sign records non-invasively without a health care assistant. Especially during a pandemic, this virtual health monitoring system can be useful.