Digital Signal Processing on Embedded Xinu

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Project Description

Embedded Xinu is an educational embedded operating system that is used primarily to teach undergraduate students about basic operating system concepts. Embedded Xinu is being ported to run on a multicore platform (Raspberry Pi 3 B+). This project aims to use the operating system to perform some basic signal processing with audio signals.

Tentative Milestones

  • Get audio output from built-in headphone jack on the Pi
- Be able to generate simple tones first
- Afterwards, be able to generate sound from audio data, such as a song, for example
  • Receive audio input
- Can be done with off-board circuitry, but utilizing the available on-board facilities is preferred
- There are no built in ways to receive audio input
- Have to use a USB microphone
  • Requires a proper driver to be written
  • Signal Processing algorithms between input and output
- Can be anything
- Basic ideas would be doing a Fourier analysis
- Another idea would be to implement simple effects, such as an echo effect