Energizing ECS

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Students: Sujeeth Goud Ramagoni, Sam Mazzone

Mentor: Dr. Dennis Brylow

Project Background

Exploring Computer Science (ECS) is a year-long, research-based, high school intro-level computer science curriculum and teacher professional development program that focuses on broadening participation in computing. We support teachers and districts through implementation of the course regardless of school resources.

Project Description

Due to the pandemic, teaching has been a challenge for all teachers. We are hoping to create a tool to tweak the ECS curriculum to accommodate for issues that teachers have been experiencing.

Goals For Each Week

Week Description
Week 1
  • Set milestones and goals for the project duration
  • Meet with project leaders, mentor, and other students
  • Making a list of features that could help improve ECS
  • Discuss project with Dr. Dennis Brylow
Week 2
  • Evaluate teachers feedback on improvements
  • Start building website based on features from feedback
Week 3
  • Start building website features such as:
    • Home Page
    • Log In Screen
    • Registration Screen
    • One Activity For Demo
Week 4
Week 5
  • Start reviewing the progress that has already been made
  • Start live streaming classroom using Agora
Week 6
  • Continue working on live streaming classroom using Agora
  • Start HTML online compiler
  • If at time at end of week, go back and fix fundamental bugs from previous work
Week 7
  • Start working on Google Calendar and Google Classroom integration
  • Continue working on bugs from previous work
Week 8
  • Continue working on Google Calendar integration
  • Start working on Google Classroom integration