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Weekly Log

Week 1

  • Attended orientation
  • Went on library tour and learned about research resources
  • Met with mentor to discuss project
  • Learned about wiki and updated it
  • Read paper on related project
  • Set goals and milestones for the summer
  • Read related literature on the topic of trust as it relates to human-robot interaction

Week 2

  • Researched topics on deception and manipulation and how to recognize them
  • Started learning about ROS
  • Met with advisor to discuss progress so far
  • Read about elder abuse by caregivers and methods for detecting it (has the potential to serve as a model for intrusion detection in caregiving robots)
  • Attended working lunch to discuss how to give an effective presentation on research
  • Completed Section 1 of Responsible Conduct of Research course

Week 3

  • Completed Sections 2 and 3 of Responsible Conduct of Research--Finished
  • Continued exploring ROS and code from previous project
  • Met with Dr. Perouli to discuss progress
  • Attended Responsible Conduct of Research training
  • Worked with TurtleBots to get them running
  • Read online tutorials for ROS, TurtleBots, and related material
  • Researched current models of social robots

Week 4

  • Continued troubleshooting TurtleBots
  • Setup Catkin workspace with code from previous project on a TurtleBot
  • Outlined broad and specific behaviors of a "normally functioning" caretaker robot
  • Outlined anomalous robot behavior and definitive signs of intrusion
  • Met with Dr. Perouli to discuss progress and issues with TurtleBots
  • Started to outline final research report
  • Outlined requirements for intrusion detection "questionnaire" given the circumstance of its use

Week 5

  • Compiled potential questionnaire questions from existing tools
  • Met with Dr. Perouli to discuss progress and further steps on looking into Natural Language Processing (NLP) and network monitoring
  • Prepared Midway presentation
  • Explored TurtleBot simulators
  • Gave 10 minute midway presentation on research and listened to other REU presentations
  • Got Gazebo working and simulated a TurtleBot 2 moving
  • Read material on networks and network monitoring
  • Researched NLP topics and sources relevant to audio monitoring

Week 6

  • Explored multi-TurtleBot simulation in Gazebo
  • Researched the Content Validity Index in relation to questionnaires
  • Looked through some of Drew Williams' publications for relevant elements
  • Attended working lunch to learn about LaTex
  • Moved final report outline to a LaTex project and continued working on report
  • Started assembling bibliography in a bibtex file

Week 7

  • Continued working on paper and bibliography
  • Met with Dr. Perouli to discuss progress and troubles with TurtleBot simulator
  • Looked into current open source tools for network monitoring
  • Continued exploring solutions to server simulation in Gazebo (without much luck, unfortunately)
  • Collected more sources on validation of abuse screening tools
  • Researched capability and availability for speech to text in Amazon Echo

Week 8

  • Continued research on capabilities and cost of speech-to-text
  • Met with Dr. Perouli to discuss paper
  • Looked through Dan Cronce's research notes and material on ROS
  • Finished research poster
  • Worked on research paper

Week 9

  • Reviewed previous final research paper for synthesis with new work
  • Met with Dr. Perouli to discuss progress and plans for the final REU week
  • Started working on combining previous work into a separate research paper
  • Had a conference call with Dan Cronce to discuss previous work and possible TurtleBot simulations
  • Continued work on final research paper

Week 10

  • Presented at poster session
  • Gave final research talk
  • Finished final research papers