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Project Background

Substance use disorder (SUD) is a major public health problem that affects millions of people worldwide. One of the promising approaches for SUD prevention and treatment is peer support, which involves people who have lived experience of SUD or recovery providing information, advice, and emotional support to others who are facing similar challenges. However, in-person peer support for SUD faces some barriers and limitations, such as lack of accessibility, availability, affordability, and diversity of peer support services and resources. Therefore, there is a need for innovative and flexible ways to deliver peer support for SUD that can overcome these challenges and enhance the peer support experience. (Notice: There will be more specific dates and numbers in this paragraph)

One of the potential solutions is to use a web-based technology, PEER SURE App, to facilitate peer support for SUD. PEER SURE App can offer several advantages for peer support for SUD, such as increasing reach, convenience, and anonymity. This application can also enable new forms of peer interaction and engagement that can foster a sense of community and belonging among people with SUD which is crucial throughout the recovery process and post-recovery to reduce the chances of hospital readmission.

PEER SURE app will be integrated with generative artificial intelligence (AI), which is a system that can generate natural language text based on some input or context. Generative AI could enhance the generation of support text using generative AI based on the context of a text exchange between the participant and peer support specialist. The AI-generated text will be thoroughly vetted by peer support specialists with a human in the loop before posting to the participant.

(Notice: There will be another paragraph with details about specific research challenges facing this project. I will revise this paragraph as I find more details about my project)

Project Description

The aim of my part in this project is to search how to implement an AI plug-in and figure out how it would work with the main web-based application, PEER SURE App, that uses generative AI to enhance peer support for SUD. I will conduct a literature review on generative AI for SUD to identify the best practices and gaps in the field. I will explore existing tools and APIs to familiarize myself with training large language models on the peer mentoring texts for SUD. (Notice: this is still an ongoing project. The details of this section will be updated weekly)

Weekly Goals

Week Description
Week 1
  • Meeting the cohort and advisors
  • Attending Orientation session
  • Attending Good Research Practice session
  • Conducting a literature review on generative AI for SUD to identify the best practices and the gaps in the field
  • Opening a page in Marquette Wiki for Project milestones and goals