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Week 1: May 28-June 1

  • Orientation
  • Met other REU students
  • Contacted Darren Jefferson and got added to last year's google drive about PUMP-CS
  • Familiarized myself with the PUMP-CS research that was done last year and what place they are at now
  • Researched Wisconsin and National Computer Science Education Data

Week 2: June 3-7

  • Organizing qualitative data from last year's interviews into the individual questions to be analyzed later
  • Current interviews done: All complete
  • Started looking through qualitative data to sort it into categories

Week 3: June 10-14

  • Finished sorting qualitative data into categories

Week 4: June 17-21

  • Researching and learning more about Doxygen
  • Started correcting documentation of files within XINU

Week 5: June 24-28

  • Continued correcting documentation in XINU files
  • Started working with Patrick McGee and Rade Latinovoch on multi-core scheduling

Week 6: July 1-5

  • More work on multicore scheduling
  • Started looking at priority scheduling

Week 7: July 8-12

  • Finished fixing priority scheduling and recursion tests
  • Started adding multicore processing to current test cases

Week 8: July 15-19

  • Finished adding multicore processing to test cases

Week 9: July 22-26

  • Helped work on fixing printf function

Week 10: July 29-August 2

  • Added my part to the big Xinu paper