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Weekly Log

Week 1

  • Orientation
  • Met other REU students
  • Familiarized with Git versions of Research Xinu

Week 2

  • Worked with Rade Latinovich to become familiar with Research Xinu
  • Initialized all cores to nullprocess
  • Struggling with multicore resched
  • All printing after shell established breaks shell, can this change?

Week 3

  • Disabled shell to enable Kprintf
  • Turned off single core clock
  • Scheduled processes on all 4 cores without timer/preemption
  • Shared ready list
  • Locked ready list with Mutex

Week 4

  • Tried to find documentation for BCM 2837 Chip
  • Only able to find documentation for BCM 2835
  • Decided to use Local Timer clock to generate interrupts

Week 5

  • Set up Local Timer, enabling timer
  • Unmasked Local Timer IRQ on routing side
  • Enabling IRQ from Local Timer crashes program
  • What is LT IRQ number on ARM side?

Week 6

  • Poured through ARM A53 documentation to try to find IRQ num for Local Timer
  • Looked over ARM vA7 documentation to understand IRQ protocols
  • Unable to find handling protocol for Local Timer

Week 7

  • Decided to use different timer from Local Timer
  • Doesn't seem to have any supporting hardware documentation
  • Leaves two options: core-specific timers and SoC clock

Week 8

  • Found GPU routing register in BCM 2835 documentation
  • Allows me to route interrupts from previously working SoC clock to any core
  • Set up basic round-robin scheduler from SoC clock
  • Unable to handle Interrupts on different cores

Week 9

  • Found VBAR in ARM documentation, big thanks to Ben
  • Able to handle IRQ's on non-0 cores now
  • Preemptive round-robin scheduler working across all cores
  • Made poster for poster presentation day

Week 10

  • Gave poster presentation
  • Worked on writing final paper
  • Developed final presentation
  • Gave final presentation