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1. Since this is my first research project, I want to get a general understanding of research including experience with:
  • How a research project is started and takes shape
  • How to draw upon other research to build your own
  • How to write, discuss, and present research
  • How to effectively work as a team on a project
2. I would like to develop more skills in coding, as I have never done any coding related to web development before.
3. I want to understand how a web application is created and functions.
  • This also includes how C# is used within web development
4. I would meet and connect with members of Marquette computer science department to become more involved.


Wednesday 5/31/2023

  • ‎ Lecture on introduction to research and log entries
  • ‎ General introduction to project with mentor - will be focusing on web development of this project as opposed to the AI element
  • ‎Read Summary:
::‎// Summary
  • ‎Reflection on how what can be researched about web development in project context
  • ‎Watching videos to introduce myself to C#

Thursday 6/1/2023

  • Finished reading all preliminary documents in project teams files
  • More C# studying
  • Starting to think about doing a small C# web project just for experience like creating some kind of website

Friday 6/2/2023

  • Small chat with mentor about goals/milestones/summary
  • Worked on goals
  • Worked on milestones
  • Worked on summary
^ These are all still drafts I plan to change these as the project takes form and I learn more about it

Monday 6/5/2023

  • RCR Training

Tuesday 6/6/2023

  • Meeting with Grad student about next steps for research
-Priority research areas
-Finding peer mentor applications
  • exploring research websites

Wednesday 6/7/2023

  • Brylow lecture on presenting/writing research
  • Mentor meeting on what to research - research mainly healthcare applications

Thursday 6/8/2023

  • Researching/reading articles for project
  • Added articles to bibliography

Friday 6/9/2023

  • More looking for related research within healthcare/survey/peer mentoring
  • Still working on adding to bibliography

Monday 6/12/2023

  • Healthcare related research on peer mentoring and how to get good healthcare feedback

Wednesday 6/14/2023

  • Lecture on example presentation
  • Meeting with research group
    • goal for end of week is to create check in survey for opioid users
    • learn C#

Opioid Research

  • [1]
    • article reviews tools on risk assessment
    • "Opioid use disorder risk assessment tools cannot be used in isolation"
    • Article includes tool assessment for SUD afflicted denying treatment/disorder (is this audience included in application?)
    • Biological, social, and psychological assessment
  • [2]
    • article contains good sources on opioid risk/addiction assessment, but these are all early 2000s to 90s

Are users of the app already committed towards fighting their SUD or is the app a first step? What is the specific audience of the App? What research is considered outdated?

Thursday 6/15/2023

Researching articles to create opioid use disorder relapse survey:

  • [5]
    • Polysubstance use (using other drugs) increases risk of opioid relapse
    • "Relapse" is good keyword for research
  • [6]
    • Pandemic led to relapse - isolation as factor
  • [7]
    • medications good for avoiding opioid relapse

  • [8]
    • Socialization and meaningfulness prevent opioid relapse

Friday 6/16/2023

Research for SUD questionnaire

  • Established surveys - can these be used (intended for clinical settings, licensed practioners, and copyrighted)
  • [9]
  • [10]
  • [11]
  • [12]
  • [13]

Monday 6/19/2023

  • Watched Django tutorial videos on youtube
  • Will start programming next week

Tuesday 6/20/2023

  • Meeting with Sajad on software development for App
    • Will be done in django
    • SQl Database to store 3 different users - Admin, mentor, mentee
    • Create python virtual environment - anaconda

Wednesday 6/21/2023

  • Mentor meeting, group meeting - sharing progress, sharing question research
  • Django tutorials

Thursday 6/22/2023

  • Setting up python virtual environment
  • Anaconda
  • Work on users

Friday 6/23/2023

  • More tutorials/python environment trouble shooting

Monday 6/26/2023

  • Starting to work on presentation
  • Entering documents into bibliography

Tuesday 6/27/2023

  • Presentation finish/practice

Wednesday 6/28/2023

  • Presentations
  • Mentor meeting progress report

Friday 6/30/2023

  • Setting up github repo to python virtual environment
  • More VE troubleshooting

Tuesday 7/4/2023

  • Meeting with graduate student researcher
  • Anaconda terminal/vscode fix - launch vscode from anaconda

Wednesday 7/5/2023

  • Coding user package

Thursday 7/6/2023

  • more Coding on user packages

Friday 7/7/2023

  • Initial user package nearly complete
  • Bugs with message display
  • Login and registration page working
  • Need to create two different types of users

Monday 7/10/2023

  • Continuing work on user package

Tuesday 7/11/2023

  • Beginning survey functionality
  • Django tutorials
  • Meeting with graduate student researcher on webpage

Wednesday 7/12/2023

  • More coding for survey
  • Creating template for survey

Friday 7/14/2023

  • Survey coding and testing
  • Survey is difficult to implement

Monday 7/14/2023

  • Meeting on survey/webpage

Tuesday 7/17/2023

  • Research on Django webpage
  • More webpage coding

Wednesday 7/18/2023

  • Mentor meeting
  • Poster presentation

Thursday 7/19/2023

  • Survey coding